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Identified Flying Objects


Bizarre comedy where a broke alien is picked up for breaking traffic rules and his space vehicle is confiscated. But luck favours him finally as a young woman from Earth falls for him and lends him the required paltry fine amount. They then set off an a journey to his homeland in the stars to live happily ever after.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 17, 1978
  • Repeat - August 17, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0800

A woman finds her life caught up in the drama of a stranger who may in fact be an alien from another planet which plans to conquer Earth. GENRE: Science Fiction

Erik Lensherr D.

The plot in this CBSRMT episode says it's a bizarre comedy. Bizarre? Yes. Comical? Not entirely. It's a Sci-Fi Mystery. The alien named Mor El (played by Earl Hammond) meets Molly (played by Bryna Raeburn) at an Institution for the Insane. But she learns that his home planet, Ayvora, wants to conquer Earth. Mor El says "Voor ee amana" in ACT-1. Molly discovers in ACT-2 that it means "I am the conquerer." And do they live happily ever after in ACT-3? Tune in and find out the mystery. Other than that, Sam Dann wrote a satisfactory story, suitable for an episode of THE OUTER LIMITS. My favorite part was at the 19-minute 33-second mark when Mor El talks about the history of the human race on how we have conquered subjects & objects for many years. It's like Sam Dann was writing an episode with a wake up call to the listening viewers that we should've seen Earth as a home, instead of an empire. The music was witty, then suspicious, then back to witty at the end. The actings of Earl Hammond & Bryna Raeburn were fitting to the characters that they played, but not enough dialogue for the talents of Gilbert Mack (as Dr. Nudell) & Court Benson (as Officer Pinchot). And as for E.G. Marshall, he does explain the story, but I think he was trying too hard to be just like Rod Serling from THE TWILIGHT ZONE to finish the Epilogue with suspense. If you like Sci-Fi tales, enjoy this one.


I Agree with much of what Russ has said about this episode. I enjoyed ti and yes it was comical in places. Sometimes it was comical in places where I don't think it was intended to be. The first act was getting to a point of annoyance with teh repeating of teh phrase this alien kept saying. The closing line was comical and yet forced which perhaps made it even more comical. I rete is 3 out of 5 for good. Check it out


I don't get why people don't realize EG was reading from a sctipt like everyone else.

Commodore's watch

Because he read from his script as convincingly as the best voice actors.

Melanie C

The first time I heard this was in the early 70s and it captured my imagination then, and I have re-listened several times since then. It is good for what it was and I think still passes muster as one of the more original of the series' story lines. As a kid, I was on edge driving through rural Indiana's dull highways at night in the back seat and this made things better for the time it was on. It's pretty much something I hit up again every few years. As for Mor-L....would be interesting if that refers to a Morel mushroom...who inside joke back then?

More El

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