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The Defectors


A married senator is blackmailed by a spy who managed to take a photograph of the senator in an embarrassing position with another woman. The spy forces him to propose a legislation that might hurt the interests of the U.S. But the senator decides to fight back as he only lacks in moral, but not patriotic fervor.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 27, 1978
  • Repeat - June 24, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0772

A politically based play that's complete with a cold war theme, blackmail, and infidelity.


"The Defectors" was a great listen and not one that will be soon forgotten. This would actually be a good episode to listen to for the first time. 5 stars.


Agree with both of the gents above. Sam Dann is one of my favorite writers.


An excellent casting of Fred Gwynne and Ken Harvey. Unfortunately the women on Mystery Theater usually don't fare that well. Could it be the poor recorded quality of the tape, but the actress who played the Senator's mistress didn't sound attractive at all! Her horrible screeching voice made her sound like the Bride of Frankenstein rather than a beautiful woman who would steal the Senator away from his wife. I know this is stereotyping, but Marilyn Monroe would never have been cast as the Bride of Frankenstein! This actress role ruins the episode. I had to fast forward through that section because I couldn't take her for more than 5 minutes!


Sen. Luther K. Hotchkiss and his paramour, Chickie Paradise, are picked up when their car breaks down outside Washington by John J. Milrose, an agent for a Communist country. Hotchkiss doesn’t know it, but his wife, Marguerite, is having an affair with Milrose, who has been sent to America to somehow blackmail Hotchkiss into introducing a bill in the Senate which would give back to Mexico the states of Texas, California, and Arizona.


Any episode with Fred Gwynne, Bryna Raeburn and Robert Kaliban is going to be good !

Pete Sonneville

I really wanted to like this episode, I LOVE Fred Gwynne and Russell Horton, but Bryna Rayburn's bimbo voice really grates on my nerves. The story is interesting but it felt like it was having an identity crisis: is it serious political spy intrigue, or "Austin Powers" style comedy? I typically don't mind a little bit of a convoluted plot, but this one was ridiculous. The sound quality is below average in some spots as well.

Cindy C

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