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Just to Keep Busy


A betrothed man strives to win the affection of his friend's secretary. When she finds out his double game, she takes the extreme step and he becomes the suspect.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 25, 1977
  • Repeat - March 19, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0729

Pretty surprising show about a woman jilted!


(Or: "I'm carving notches in my bed posts while my rich fiancee is away, just to keep busy".) Larry Haines could be a pretty oily character at times for the RMT. In this Sam Dann (that old master of the double entendre) play he is "Woody". Woody and the main character (played by Robert Dryden) are buddies from Viet Nam, but Dryden's a level-headed, successful money manager while Woody is called a "rake" (top entry). Woody falls for Dryden's secretary, played by Judith Lewis, whose voice somehow reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. Problem is, she falls even harder for him, especially when she believes he wants to marry her. Dryden is justifiably enraged, as his secretary is an orphan raised by her grandfather and is also not really a worldly girl. That changes when Woody takes her out on a sailboat (a couple of days before he's to marry his fiancee he's not told her about), she finds out his big secret, and jumps off the boat. Returning to port with search parties unable to find her, Woody's charged with murder. You could sort of see where this one was leading, and I can't say its ending was satisfying to me. However, like "Look who's coming" above there was another unusual thing I'd not yet heard on an RMT E.G. Marshall intro/outro...Robert Dryden actually answers him directly (calling him "Mr. Marshall") right after E.G.'s intro to the first act.

Joanne Mina

Excellent little morality play. But my question is how much was Lizzie an accomplice? Is self delusion as wrong as deception, because isn't it just another form of deception? The scene in the boat is a Mystery Theater gem!


Melanie, so true. "It takes two to tango." I was glad that Sally who also was deluded refused to collude with him any longer. Very good story!


Woody Wallace, engaged to Sally Schaefer, a dress designer living in Paris, has an affair, “just to keep busy,” with Lizzie Wentworth, the secretary of his best friend, Frank Gilmore. Woody even asks Lizzie to marry him, knowing that Sally is soon coming home for their wedding. When Lizzie learns the truth, she jumps overboard from a sailboat at night, and Woody is accused of her murder. He hopes Sally will be the chief witness in his defense.


Great acting, To BAD some of these above are SO THIN SKINNED! If She WANTED TO GO AND DID it’s on Her just as much as “Woody” She wanted it Just as Bad as He did. As the World Spins and Life goes on like it Has for 1000s of Years. 4.5 Stars!


Very interesting episode!! Love CBSRMT!!


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