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Sea of Troubles


A trans-Atlantic voyage on a ship is also the scene of a murder conspiracy where a man enlists the help of his brother to kill his wife for her wealth.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 18, 1974
  • Repeat - June 9, 1974
  • Repeat - February 8, 1980





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14 Responses to Episode 0058

This particular mystery is ideally described as, "poetic justice". Have you ever heard the saying, "what goes around, comes around"? Listen to this & enjoy!


This was a very intriguing episode...up to the end. The ending was very abrupt with the cruise director saying she is going to investigate. SPOILER ALERT: The steward will testify that he ABSOLUTELY was onboard ship, so why not say that the other gentleman didn't use his real name when he seduced her? If it were I, I would have killed my wife and then killed my brother on the pretext that my brother had done the deed. Murder mystery, no supernatural elements.


Last one on of the many in my CBS-RMT collection deals with a fellow who decides he's going to kill his absolutely mean and repulsive wife (good choice, by the way, Mac). His method? Time. He has his very similar-looking but NOT twin brother replace him on a cruise from Paris to New York, while he flies in and strangles the witch four days before he's even due into the dock. Everything seems to be working out well... but you know it never does. A good listen.


A good mystery where the murderer is rather likeable and only let down by others. Clever but caught.

D.D. Edwards

Chosen, as I recall, from a recommendation but I might have just picked it for the title... "Sea". My favorite troubles come from the sea. Nicely done but familiar "perfect crime" story. The inevitable flaw is not obvious because it derives from absolutely stupid actions... which are, nonetheless, in character.

Francis Olin

With the help of his brother, a man plots to murder his wife while crossing the Atlantic on a ship. Complex script that is presented well to create suspense.

Vernon Delos Trino

A man enlists the help of his brother in murdering his wealthy, philandering wife. They plan to switch identities and travel one by ship and one by air in order to create alibis. Could it be the perfect murder? I enjoyed this episode – Isn’t it interesting how we can sympathize or identify with the characters who are doing evil and hope for their success? A good murder mystery.

Emay Abot

This was a great story (4 stars) which had many moral dilemmas. Is it ever appropriate to kill a spouse who becomes "fat and ugly?" I would never do such a thing, but some how, you almost end up routing for the murderer to get away with it. This was a script full of complexities that were all sewed up by episode's end. Great job!


This was an interesting drama, but the brother must have been quick dim-witted not to have known that the woman he was with worked on the ship and then suggested that his brother travel on it again. This recording started clipping again near the end but was mainly on EG Marshall's dialogue (which I usually enjoy).


Isn't the title of this episode " Sea Of Troubles " taken from Hamlet ?


My favorite line: "You're going to kill a human being!" "I never said that... I said I'm going to kill Harriet." Is it just me or was that four-tone repeating piano tune used throughout this episode to build suspense also used in some Twilight Zone episodes?

Joe Mama

My recording was spotty and skipped a lot, so I'm not sure how it ended. Here's a few ideas: the ship sinks and the brother gets the inheritance. Or, the brother and his new girlfriend plot to murder the murderer. Or, the murderer has to masquerade as his brother and switch lives and watch his brother spend all the money. Anyway, I liked this one, even if the recording was bad.


A good story, the husband had a good plan, but when you count on others, in this case a younger brother, it goes bad. The recording seems too skip sometimes, could be because they cut out commercials? To bad the commercials made it feel more like the old days.


Great episode and the voice acting superb (Harriet really sounded like a catch)! I give this a 7 out of 10), one of Mr Slesar’s finest!


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