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Enough Rope


A scam artist is about to be hanged by a group of men he has swindled in a land deal when his guardian angel shows up to save him. He agrees to go on the straight and narrow if she'll help him pull off the master scam.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 7, 1976
  • Repeat - March 20, 1977





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E. G. Marshall must quote Shakespeare more than any other writer, but I think Mark Twain might rank second. In his introduction to this show, he refers to a Twain comment regarding the weather. It became clear fairly early that this was no guardian angel; the fun of the episode was waiting for the trap to spring on the hustler. Speaking of weather, wasn't the actor who portrayed the hustler the same actor who handled the role of a young man whose mood swings affect the weather? As I think about it, I am somewhat surprised that there weren't more RMTs set in the wild west. Or maybe there were and I just can't recall them (or have not yet heard them).

Benjie Ross

I was going to listen to this episode and happened to see your comment, which served as a spoiler. Please be aware that some people haven't listened to these episodes yet.

Stephen Worrell

Personally, I think it's crazy to come to the RESPONSES to an episode and not expect to see spoilers. This is where people gather to discuss the episode AFTER listening to it. If you are looking for a synopsis, just read the top and don't scroll down.


There are a few Wild West ones that I've listened to. I do kinda like this one though. It took me a little while to catch onto what was happening.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. What I liked BEST in this western tale is the cast: Russell Horton (as “Bunco” Bill Baxter), Robert Dryden (as Henry Jethro, the Bartender, and Honest Abe), and Evie Juster (as Alida and Chastity Cleveland). Each of these actors played their parts really well, like they were born and raised in the old west. The sound effects of the birds, howling wind, dogs howling, horses galloping & neighing, gun fire, crickets, piano music in the saloon, the doors, and the thunder were highly effective; and so was the music. Drastic tunes in the first Act, whimsical tunes in the second Act, and traditional mysterious tunes in the final Act. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars because of two things: the HOST and the SCRIPT. In his Prologue, E.G. Marshall quoted Mark Twain who said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” In ACT-1, not only he questions the concept of reality, but asks, “Isn’t each of us merely a brief pause in eternity?” (Good question; very Rod Serling-like). In ACT-2, he again asked what reality is and later tells a word of caution (but not cautious enough; no moral quotes). In ACT-3, the swindle is about to be arbitrated. In the end, we realize that the con man became the biggest sucker. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall explains that this CBSRMT episode is an exercise in Reality. The Host explained the story, but adding suspense to it? X-nay. As for the story, it was an entertaining western, but with many questions; especially on Alida: the Guardian Angel. Here we have a guardian angel that was born in 1515, died in 1557 at the age of 42, came back to this world, got to head out West, and helped out a swindler in 1891 at the age of 376. If she lived for nearly 4 centuries, wouldn’t the swindler or any of the characters want to know what kind of people Alida had met over the years? What places she’s traveled to? What activities she has done? I think the writer, Sam Dann, should’ve expanded this story to 3 episodes. PART 1: Knowing Alida’s life. PART 2: This episode. PART 3: What Alida would do when she arrives in the 1900s. Another way to Title this story would be “The 376 Year Old Guardian Angel” or “The Biggest Hustle.” If you’re looking for a mystery story that takes place in the old west, check out #1018-THE FINGER OF GOD, #0675-REVENGE, and #1085-ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS. But if you’re searching for a mystery story about the weather, check out #0660-TOMORROW, CLOUDY AND COLD. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I loved this program as a kid smile emoticon many pleasant memories.


“Bunco” Billy Baxter has swindled a group of gullible miners out of $10,000 by selling them 100,000 acres of desert for one cent an acre. About to be hanged by the enraged men, Billy is rescued by a beautiful gun-toting woman who says she has lived for nearly four centuries. Later, she urges Billy to return the money, promising that if he does, she will help him pull off the biggest swindle in history.


BTW, 100.000 acres at one cent an acre is $1,000 and not $10,000.

Alex N.

Blame it on the writer.... surprisingly he was able to figure out 1891 minus 1515 actually adds up to 376 years.


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