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A Little Night Murder


All promises should not be kept. A serial killer stalks town women to fulfill his childhood promise to kill them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 13, 1974
  • Repeat - June 7, 1974





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31 Responses to Episode 0056

A pretty suspenseful story about a man that hunts down women one by one to avenge his father. A woman who owns a bookstore is in trouble next.


A really good story. It reminds me a bit of modern cop shows, such as "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." Interesting how times change. Being sentenced to a hospital today is considered a victory for the bad guys! Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


I think that might have been the best story in the first 56. But then again I'm getting tired of all the demonic story lines and a happy ending is nice once in a while.


For about 30 minutes we have women getting murdered by a fellow who shows up at their door and tells them he's there to deliver on a promise. What promise, they ask? "To kill you," he says dourly. Then, bang! Neither killer nor victim verbally shed any specifics on why this is happening until we're well into the story. And one intended victim who predicts her fate (but of course, doesn't know why) goes back and forth from being nervous to joking around. It helped fill the time during a 2.25 mile walk this morning.


Detective falls for victim to be in a traditional radio detective story.

A. Lambert

Chosen based on recommendation) Logical and credible story about a series of seemingly unrelated murders. I've just been listening to sample episodes of a number of otr mystery series and I've heard a lot of similar stories, most of them abysmal so this was a nice surprise. This one made me think of Hitchcock.

Jerome Lanier

A serial killer stalks women in the city to fulfill a promise he made to them when he was a child-- a promise to kill them. Intriguing and riveting! Highly recommended.

Clarence Claron

A stalker keeps his promise by murdering women he apparently knows, and the victims don't remember. What is the common thread linking these people? Will the investigator discover the bond and prevent any future murders? I enjoyed this story. One of the better murder mystery stories I've heard in a while. Has a nice moral twist to it.

Miranda Bowie

A good episode that will have you listening to the end if only to figure out the bizarre, creepy motivation of the killer, well played by Tony Roberts. A good little suspenser.


Another well written episode by Sam Dann. He was quite prolific. And, for the most part, created strong, well crafted dramas. this is no exception. Tony Roberts gives a compelling performance in this tale. It's rare for him to play the part of the villian, but he rises to the occasion. It's interesting that the protaganist zeros in on his culprit so quickly and then spends the bulk of the story building a case against him. Again, Sam Dann approches this tale in a unique fashion. Simple-- but well paced crime dramas such as these-- are what helped RMT last so long. Afterall, constant supernatural horrors or sci-fi's would have grown stale too quickly-- to keep the show as entertaining as it is-- through nearly 1500 broadcasts. Himan Brown wisely switched genres regularly and seamlessly to keep RMT at such a high quality. Good selection-- which helps illustrate the more "Down-to-Earth" side of the Radio Mystery Theater..........


Nice twist in there. No "easy" catch for the detective, but good intuition to get the case solved.


Tony Roberts did a good job portraying the central character (Peter Jackson, Jr.) in this tale. Bryna Raeburn and Jack Grimes who co-starred in this tale are also some of my favorite RMT actors and did well in this story. However I didn't think this tale was well-written at all. Synopsis: Peter Jackson’s father was murdered during a robbery. He spent years on the killer's trail but when he caught up with ‘killer’, killer was in his grave. Poor Peter. So Peter sought revenge on those who witnessed the murder. Poor witnesses. After Peter killed one of the witnesses his voice was caught on tape (dictating machine) as he said out loud who his next victim would be. Why would a serial killer waste precious time talking out loud and telling himself who his next victim will be?


I just couldn't buy Roberts as the villain. He makes a great "everyman" but not a monster, at least IMHO.


best non-supernatural themed episode ever! i listen to it over and over.


4 stars.... Good story, good listen. No commercials.


This episode is a fantastic representation of the superior writing and acting that radio dramas had over 35 years ago. This could easily be made into a motion picture or television show today. 5 stars.


This is the episode I used to introduce my 12-year-old son to the series with. We listened to only Act 1 before pulling into the driveway, and he wanted to stay there, parked, until we finished the episode. He loved it. Me, too.


I love all these stories :)

Patricia Ghai

Good story, but it seemed odd that the policeman was so quick to figure out who did it (but for the sake of time of the show it makes sense). There are several shows where the detective falls for the victim and this was no exception. Still a good listen!


A Fantastic old fashion detective episode. Well written, well acted, well played...And Oh what a great twist at the end. I did not expect that!


Good sound quality, easy-to-follow and *Very* suspenseful without the narrative being confusing (as with some previous episodes. The detective was really "on the ball" in this case—he didn't miss a thing! I couldn't help thinking, if only this had been written as a "whodunnit" where the listener didn't know the culprit/motive from the beginning and had to figure it out along with the characters, it would've been that much more satisfying; but it was still an extremely captivating story. :) Kept my attention until the very end!


I've been listening to all the episodes in order and so far this is the best one.

Joe Mama

Listening to these from the first episode. By far my favorite so far.


I too, have been listening in sequence. This one,so far, is a masterpiece. To prove it, this is the first-time that I have ever bothered to comment on an episode!


Agree with everyone else - one of the better ones! I'm starting to like Sam Dann.


Dale, as someone who has listened to a lot of episodes, I personally Would NOT recommend listening in order, because I have noticed most of those people who listen in order stop listening during the 1975 episodes, after listening to some less than stellar episodes. As you go along, read comments to see if the episode is good or not and what listeners recommend (don't read the plot descriptions before you listen). I wrote a list of best episodes in the comments section of the Great Episode "Return to Shadow Lake". I recommend you skip around through the years and listen to episodes that appeal to you or that were recommended by listeners- then find some favorites of your own!!


Great memories of these radio shows from when I was a teenager. I used to listen to them with my Dad who also loved them. This is one of the better ones; I am not a fan of the demonic story lines.


Feels vaguely as though Sam Dann was attempting a script a la George Lowthar. Focus of the story is different, but the feel is rather similar to stories like The Lodger or Journey into Terror. Interesting aspect of this show is how Dann handles tension: We already know who the killer is during the opening of the episode, so tension is not derived from working out who it is. Rather, the tension is the result of the struggle between our hero detective and his boss, *how* our heroes will catch the guilty party, etc. Overall very good episode.


Very good episode. Sam Dann was a good writer for the series.


Best episode yet! Made me think of Dragnet, gritty crime drama. Really enjoyed listening to this one (although the commercials would have made it more fun) 😉


Great story, very well written and great voice acting. This one is an 8 out of 10 all day long!


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