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To Whom it May Concern


Mysteriously avoiding death from a gunshot wound, a woman discovers that everyone she loves is killed as a kind of curse.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 17, 1976
  • Repeat - December 12, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0520

The episode in question takes place in 1915 or so, and tells the tale of a woman who has miraculously survived such disasters as the Johnstown flood and the sinking of the Titanic. The woman in question is now convinced that the Spectre of Death has a "thing" for her, and will relentlessly pursue her with diabolical indifference to whatever collateral carnage might be left in his wake. Who knows when the next catastrophe will strike? Her more prudent acquaintances would do well to steer clear of her (thereby avoiding death), but she is quite attractive, and has no shortage of male suitors. Plus, many of her friends think she's nuts, which in itself is a perfectly valid reason to cut this girl a wide berth. It's practically a Biblical allegory!


A woman who mysteriously avoids death from a gunshot through the heart finds that she brings death to everyone she loves.

Noriega V.

A woman seeks professional help from a psychiatrist when she feels she is being pursued by the angel of death. Throughout her life she has survived many tragedies and calamities that others have not. An interesting idea that threads together actual tragic events in world history. This episode reminded me of the film, "Unbreakable"


The way this episode shakes down, it is conceivable that this dame is still at large, responsible for untold tragedies. Yikes!


I agree, Nance, very eerie intriguing episode, left open, but I gather from her words that she understood that sequestering herself might be best!


A pretty good episode. I like how they place her at the locations of several tragedies in real life to make it sound plausible (similar to placing fiction characters together in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [the comics, not the horrible movie adaptation]). Death will be quite upset when this woman dies a quiet, natural death (probably in her sleep).


Excellent episode about a woman's unwanted relationship with the angel of death. Supernatural tale narrates by a woman and her psychologist, turned admirer. Oh oh.


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