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Demon Lover


When a college professor becomes the object of a colleague's obsessive love, he is terrified for his life. What they both don't know is that her passion is fueled by a strange amulet from the goddess Isis. As time moves forward, he must discover the source of her insanity before it's too late.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 27, 1976
  • Repeat - September 18, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0486

A professor from a college is accused of attacking a woman, although he claims it is the other way around. Just who is right, and what does his shirt with the ancient markings have to do with the case?


A professor is accused of kids talking in background is accused of groping a fellow professor when, in fact, she fell insanely in love with him and attacked him. The professor must find what drives her passion in order to save his life.

G. Bermudo

A professor held under suspicion of murder explains to his psychiatrist that he is innocent. His victim, a woman he says he never met before made vigorous and unwanted passionate advances to him. Being a foreign dignitary, her murder is creating an international scandal. The university president convinces him to plead guilty for the sake of international relations but it still doesn't explain her inexplicable behaviour.

Randy David

love that last audible the psychiatrist makes here-- well acted episode!!!


Mandel Kramer is the best! Good writing. Favorite quotes: That needle is stuck. You SPEAK English, don't you UNDERSTAND it? Are you sure you aren't writing a poem?


This episode, "Demon Lover", was a great mysterious drama that has that psychological/supernatural element that is my favorite. You are never quite sure what is happening- is it real? This is similar to one of my favorite episodes "Island of the Lost", and to "Age Cannot Wither Her", where we tread the line of the supernatural and psychological explanations for what is occurring.


A pretty good story that defines the fine line between love and hate, extreme versions in this case.


Great until it very decidedly isn't, this seems in some ways like a quintessential episode of the program. Veteran performers do a generally pretty good take on a psychodrama that starts out playing like a refreshingly modern (circa 1975, at least) take on Inner Sanctum, but fails in the execution. Series stalwart Sam Dann makes the mistake of piling on multiple tropes instead of using one effectively.

Matt Sandwich

You can pretty much see the ending of this one coming from outer space, but it’s a great episode for Mandel Kramer fans.


As I was listening to this one, one word kept coming to mind.WACKADOO. I was very uncomfortable with the affected women — perhaps it was the casting, because Mandel Kramer is very good in this. I didn’t like the story much but couldn’t stop listening, either. One weird tale.


You gotta love Joe, his attendant at the sanitarium saying that "one time, I can dig it" in referring to the first murdered poet. Good story

Gary Glueck

So it was the sweater that did it?


Listening to this episode in my comfortable bed. Watching the fire in the fireplace.

Gina Schackel in CT

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