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The Infernal Triangle


Finally free from her sister's shadow, Ann Fairchild has found happiness in the arms of her husband-to-be, Hugh Denning. A storm threatens her world in the former of her elder sister Eve, who has come home fresh from her latest divorce. Old insecurities resurface and Ann finds herself promising death should her fiancee fall prey to Eve's seductive charms.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 5, 1976
  • Repeat - July 24, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0443

Morgan Fairchild stars in this episode of a woman engaged to be married trying to prevent her sister from stealing this fiancé as she did before. Very well crafted narrative and plot development. What is real, what isn't?


Morgan Fairchild forever. This is what RMT was best at... Creepy fun. Great sound effects and music. Ian Martin had worked with Morgan on Search For Tomorrow so he wrote this for her and it fits her like a glove. A great murderous romp from start to finish.

Paul Liberti

An interesting story, even if confusing at times trying to determine (as Glyselle asked) "What is real, what isn't?". I guess I didn't remember Morgan's voice very well as I couldn't place it with her face, but I really didn't watch the shows she was in. Overall still a good listen.


I feel really sorry for Ann. She's not a bad person. All she wants is love, and you get the sense that she is not quite right in her head. I don't wonder why she was going crazy, since her sister is really a horrible, selfish person. Eve comes across as a really awful person, taking everything away from Ann, even on purpose, just because she could. Ann's part was very well acted. However, it was very confusing trying to figure out what really happened. One minute, Ann killed her sister, (who is really quite a nasty person), and the next minute, her awful sister is alive. Also, (spoiler alert), she marries her therapist? I thought they had laws against therapists being with patients, or did they have those laws in the 1970s? In any case, I thought that was a weird ending and maybe not a good example for the audience. Also, the father-daughter issues were a bit off-putting as well. It seems that they loved to explore Freudian topics on this show, and I would have expected this episode to be written by Elspeth Eric, and was surprised to learn it was Ian Martin who wrote it instead.


Good episode. Really did not see the ending coming as it happened. Morgan Fairchild is always great.


This is my personal favorite episode, mainly because it is absolutely riveting. It's also meaningful and heart-wrenching, with a masterful performance from Fairchild. If you don't love this episode, I don't care to know you.

Dan Williams

Loved Morgan Fairchild in this story and the music and pacing were very riveting. A great listen!

Susan M

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