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Blizzard of Terror


A bitter couple gets caught up in a deadly storm and seek shelter in a remote cabin. But there is someone already there. And that someone might just be a homicidal maniac.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 18, 1974
  • Repeat - May 10, 1974
  • Repeat - February 25, 1979





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53 Responses to Episode 0041

I liked this one alot. The twist at the end was a good one.


Very entertaining albeit dated episode. This is a morality play dressed up as a thriller promoting the view that women should be women and men should be men. I remember 1974, indeed I do, and the overly simplistic point of view presented in this episode rang shallow then, too. Sadly, popular fiction has shifted a bit since those days from saying that women are to blame for the "war of the sexes" to saying that men are to blame without really scratching the surface. Of course, my wife hyphenates her name, and we both work outside the home. This being said, George Lowthar tends to write the episodes that turn out to be my favorites, and the above should not be taken as a criticism, but merely as an observation of the times. Morality thriller, no supernatural elements.


A good episode. At times hard to listen to because of the evil threats being made toward the woman. I did not care for the ending; I think it would have worked better if it really was the killer, and the couple had found their love for each other in defeating him.


CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, “Blizzard of Terror,” starring Lois Smith and Larry Haines, with E.G. Marshall, host. A snowbound couple seeks shelter in a lonely mountain cabin occupied by an obviously dangerous man -- maybe a murderer. Driving home from a skiing weekend, Jim and Helen Crane are caught in a blizzard and hear on their car radio that police are looking for the axe-murderer of an entire family. They manage to make it to a cabin, the kitchen of which is splattered with blood, and soon become convinced its owner, Jake Moran, is the man the police are looking for.

1974 Publicity Release

"Blizzard of Terror" was a well acted episode that by in large I liked. An interesting story that makes you very aware that the people you love the most may be treated the very worst. The end "twist" was completely implausable even for 1974, but it was germain to the story which made it interesting.

Davy Joe

Another one of my favorites. This is a tricky murder mystery...or IS IT? Very cool and involving story.


A bit far fetched that a man would risk his life to save the marriage of a couple of strangers... he could have been killed... enjoyable episode but I rolled my eyes at the end


An interesting tale of a couple with marital problems who are trapped in a blizzard. They learn of a horrible murder before stumbling into a small cabin where they plan to ride out the storm.


Super acting in an eventually less than believable conclusion turn a 9 into an 8.


A couple is driving home from a Winter getaway and as they pass over a mountain they become stranded in a blizzard. They stop at a cabin they come to on the road. The first problem is that there is a killer on the loose - the police are searching for a man who just killed a local family.

Ramgie A.

Okay, here's the lowdown: Married couple that's having relational problems with eachother are driving in the middle of a terrible blizzard. They're worried if they'll even be able to survive. Apparently, by chance, they happen upon a cabin and out of sheer instinct to survive, they pull in and make their way into the cabin. Seemingly, nobody's home, and there's an apparent murder scene awaiting them. While inside, the man who appears to be the murderer returns.


A couple with marital difficulties are forced to seek refuge from a blizzard in a remote cabin. they find it inhabited by a man who might be a serial killer.

Dan Hsu

Top notch script and Janny's performance steals the show. Highly recommended.

Amor D.

my very favorite episode.......LOVED IT

sandy a

This is a sexist episode - simplistic and immature view of relationships - but as a story line it\'s one of the better ones. It does remind me that 1974 was still pretty backward - and makes me more grateful for the world I live in today!


@JLM remember that just 4 years earlier the Mary Tyler Moore Show was considered a little weird because the main character was (oh, no) a 30-year-old woman who was unmarried. Also less than a decade before that MTM caused a scandal on the Dick Van Dyke Show because she (for shame) wore pants. The episode itself though a bit sexist had a great twist ending.


A bickering couple is trapped on a mountain during a blizzard and take refuge in an isolated cabin where they find a grizzly sight, and... the murderer? The couple endure a night of terror, violence, sexual agression, and emotional torment. Where was the American Psychological Association when this was written?! The psychiatrist in this episode should be imprisoned for malpractice!! Still, a good ending, if not a disappointing ending.

Linda D.

I loved it. Sure, dated, but what old time radio drama isn't now? I was wondering early on, geez, could it be...(don't want to give away the ending). because of that, I paid particular attention to every word the guy in the cabin spoke to see if he ever went too far with them. Listen again, he did not. Couple un-believable points, but overall, it really held my attention. Was I the only one who wanted the girl to get whacked? 8*)

Don Malzahn

I live in North Dakota. It gets cold up here in the winter; 40 below (not counting wind chill) happens regularly . . . that's the temperature when mercury turns to a solid and the street lights don't come on. And I, like other native NoDaks, have been stranded in more than one blizzard. Usually I'd do what our couple do in this story; knock on the door, call out loudy and try to find a way to keep warm in a strange house. Unlike the folks in this tale, if/when the owner shows up, I ask for an ID. If the owner is a psychology professor, I off him or her right away. Why take a chance? We all know, we NoDaks anyway, that psych professors in an isolated cabin in a blizzard are pure trouble. You're money ahead in the game if you just grab the axe right away and get to work. Sociology professors are no better; I recommend the chainsaw that's usually in the woodshed out back. Political Science professors are bearable, but not if the blizzard lasts more than a day; use your own discretion. Anyway that's how we do things up here. I teach theatre, so I'm delightful company to the stranded wayward travellers who bang on my door. We sometimes say, "40 below keeps the riff-raff out." And we'd like to keep it that way.

R. Spectre

You are very funny fellow Morton Miller, but I am clever one. So darned clever that I had this one figured out early. Not that I didn't enjoy the ride, but why would a man who killed an entire family want to cover up a single murder in a stranger's kitchen? My biggest question throughout was what kind of animal it would be that spilled so much blood. Of all the wild animals that sneak into kitchens and therefore must be hacked to death I would expect a racoon first, and then maybe a deer. Actually bears seem to do this sort of thing quite a bit -at least the tv news makes it seem so- but then we would would not expect a bear to lose to a psychology professor -unless the bear was only a Jungian dream archetype- and so undermine the credibility of the story.

Jill Brenda D.

I'll have to listen again, but wasn't it a bobcat?

Nadz Q.

Jill Brenda D. and Nadz Q., Yes, it was a bobcat. I thought it was pretty disgusting that he bludgeoned a poor wild cat to death, even if he didn't murder a person. I wish he could have used a more human method, such as a shot gun. He must have had a gun out in the wilderness. The cat was probably just trying to get warm and was looking for food.


I liked this episode heard it upon it's original airing, it was a Monday evening on the West Coast and I remember this because my father was receiving an award that evening and my brother and I had a babysitter so we were able to stay up late on a school night. Oh and my birthday was the following Friday and I was looking around in the closets for my presents between commercials lol.

Chris Tinder

Such an awesome comment! Funny how certain things stay ingrained in our memories, no matter how "insignificant" they may be. I remember random things I did and random things that were said to me verbatim when I was seven or eight years old. Now I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday.


Leon Janney's character should have been sued for the way he manipulated Helen and Jim! What if one of them had had a heart condition? Or were already unbalanced to begin with? On the other hand, this tale would have been really dull if he'd identified himself up front and then the next 2 acts dealt with a conventional marriage counseling session. Still, great sound effects, you really felt a storm was raging outside and could appreciate the "cabin fever" (to an unusual extreme) our main characters must have been experiencing. On an entirely different note, I liked Greg's reminiscences of what he was doing the first time he heard this. It's fun to think back to what we were all doing when we first experienced these tales. And, it's amazing how vivid our memories of the circumstances that were occuring--when these first aired--are. Fun tale with an "interesting" twist!

Joe S.

This is the episode where a couple stumble onto an abandoned cabin and find blood all over the kitchen ... and an axe. CREEPY! Another episode, "Return to Shadow Lake", where a couple get caught in a snowstorm driving out to their summer cabin is scary too. They make it to the cabin but scary stuff starts happening once they get there.


Just what the Dr. ordered.


Definitely an interesting story, but the twist at the end was a little bit hard to swallow for me. I still enjoyed the story, but they had the "howling wind" too loud in the story - I live in Minnesota and unless you're living in a shack or the wind is over 40 mph it's unlikely you'd hear it all the time (in my opinion).


This one has become a favourite of mine. So very clever.


Great episode. You don't see them like this these days when feminism has consumed holywood. All you see is kick-butt girl power.


This show really dates itself With all the talk of "women's lib."

Joe Mama

I liked that the professor pushed the guy to stand up and be a man. He also made the wife reconsider some of her women's lib attitudes. Men should be men and women should be women! Good episode!


A great George Lowthar script with a neat twist. Many of Lowthar's episodes are worth checking out. The air-date on this episode was 2/18/74.


loved this one.


It's a mystery! My comment changed from what I had originally wrote! Maybe it was a ghost.


Interesting how the professor never really threatened the couple, nor did he do anything but drop hints at how they could improve their relationship. The threat was purely in the minds of the couple. They assumed the worst and their minds filled in the blanks. Awesome play.


Atmospheric locale with a gripping setup but overall this episode is dated in its gender politics with characters that are more annoying than sympathetic and a twist ending that will have you rolling your eyes for its sheer silliness. A disappointment; not sure why it seems to be so well liked here.


This episode introduced me to Leon Janney who became a now favorite CBSRMT actor of that gravelly voice and he has a way of making you become glued to him when he makes a point while speaking...


Blizzard Of Terror is my favorite.


This is on my list of top 10 One of the best


Very entertaining!


Such a great episode. In my top 5.


I love Lois Smith. She is such a great actor. Loved her in "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise.


Another one of my favorites!


Driving home from a skiing weekend, Jim and Helen are caught in a blizzard and hear on their car radio that police are looking for the ax-murderer of an entire family. They manage to make it to a mountain cabin, the kitchen of which is splattered with blood. The couple soon convince themselves that the owner is Jake Morgan, the man whom the police are looking for.


Driving home from a skiing weekend, Jim and Helen are caught in a blizzard and hear on their car radio that police are looking for the ax-murderer of an entire family. They manage to make it to a mountain cabin, the kitchen of which is splattered with blood. The couple soon convince themselves that the owner is Jake Morgan, the man whom the police are looking for.


Ridiculous. A couple on the verge of divorce get caught in a storm with a devious marriage counselor.

Commodore's watch

I'm going to give the ending away, so if anyone doesn't like spoilers, please don't read my following commentary. The ending where he turns out to be a psychologist playing a trick on them made me so annoyed that I wanted to rant a bit, just to get it off my chest. What a stupid ending at the finish of the story! The couple could have killed him in self defense because they seriously thought he was threatening their lives. It wouldn't have been unreasonable of them and he was taking a huge, irresponsible risk. They could end up charged with murder and he could be charged for fraud. What if she had decided to kill herself, rather than be raped, or what if the both decided to make a suicide pact? He would be responsible for any of their reactions to his stupid idea. Not only that, but they could sue him for malpractice, (as suggested above). On top of that, as if all that wasn't enough, they were not his patients and he had no right to use any psychology on them or any crazy therapy whatsoever without their permission. The whole idea of a psychologist pulling such a sick stunt is just ridiculous and unrealistic. I agree with the poster who said that it would have been more interesting if he had turned out to be the real killer. After all, why can't psychologists be killers too?


I meant to say he could have been charged with fraud, IF he survived them murdering him in self defense.


Great story with a good twist at the end! Not sure why people aren't understanding that these shows were being done in a nostalgic way as in the days of old time radio? Comments about the women's lib movement, and that it was dumb for a psychologist to pretend and play into their fears to save the couples marriage and mentioning he could have been sued really? Hello this is just entertainment people! i think the characters and sound effects and setting were spot on!


Speaking as my 11-year-old self (which is how old I was when CBSRMT started, and I listened every night I could from the beginning until the end of the run when I was in college), I don't find the attitudes expressed by the characters about "women's lib" to be to be unhistorical or "already outdated in 1974". These are conversations I remember in my own family among my parents and their friends. As for the resolution of the story, *THAT* is something that I think would have been grossly unprofessional even in 1974, and if maybe the public consequences would have been less than in the modern era, it couldn't have been completely hushed up.

*Dr. D.*

I discovered this site over a year ago and just finished al 1399 episodes last week, and am running through them all again. This is one of the best episodes. I almost feel like I am 12 years old again, listening on my AM radio in bed at night. Thank you all for keeping these episodes alive! My kids enjoy them a lot too!

Jim K.

Good thing he cured her of that women's lib! Now that she's ready to give up her identity and obey her man as Mrs. Jim Crane, they can live happily ever after. Just took a night of torture. (Isn't that what all university professors do when they meet strangers in need?)


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