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The Walking Corpse


An unfortunate American couple is caught up in a coup by a Banana Republic despot who intends to take over the little island with a horde of zombies.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 17, 1974
  • Repeat - May 5, 1974
  • Repeat - March 4, 1979





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38 Responses to Episode 0040

I will say that Vinette Carroll has a very distinctive and creepy voice, almost masculine. In addition to the voodoo lady, she plays (briefly) a stewardess on the airplane. A lot of voice actors do these throwaway parts in radio dramas, but, in this case, her voice stands out so much, I thought maybe at the first that the stewardess and the voodoo lady were the same. In any event, while not perhaps standing up to modern political correctness standards, this was quite an enjoyable action/adventure episode taking place on a presumably Caribbean island where the names are Hispanic but the language is French. Zombies, voodoo.


Vinette Carroll is also in the episode "Mother Love" (1/30/1974) playing the title character. It is an excellent story, and her voice is creepy and she's amazing.


I agree Vinette Carol's voice is haunting - what a performance! Great episode - not a honeymoon that I would like to take!


Zombies, with great characters as both protagonist and antagonist result in a quality episode.

Jaidete Doji

I remember laying in bed with my old am radio with the earphone listening to this story with the covers pulled over my head, some scary stories back then.

Randy Myers

Me too, brings back great memories of the 70s. Love the old ads and news reports... seems naive in a way.


I did the same thing, I used to have a small am transistor radio with the ear buds. Did the same with Casey Kasem's AT40 each Sat. morning

David Loken

A Banana Republic dictator uses an army of zombies to take over a small island country. An American couple on their honeymoon stumble into his plot.

Ricky Blur

A foolish script and insipid dialogue make this one a real clunker.

Travis Kratz

A new husband and wife on their honeymoon encounter an old football friend who is also an heir apparent to the throne of Mauritia, a voo-doo infused country currently in political turmoil.


This one keeps you guessing. The script builds the tension positively wonderfully. The sound effects are top notch for radio. Janny gives one of his strongest performances, keeping us in suspense as we try to figure out if he's a good guy or bad. Lois Smith did just a few episodes, but she gave her all in this one. This was the second time I listened to this show. The first time was right after listening to the god-awful "The Walking Corpse". What a nice surprise this episode was. This was a ready-made story for the radio. It doesn't get much better than this!

Bobby C.

This show is one of my favorite programs, though it's been awhile since I listened to and I'll have to listen again. I say it's one of my favorites because I don't have a great memory yet this one stuck with me. My initial observations include great acting, good dramatic theme and excellent sound effects. The bickering between the husband and wife while trapped in a snowstorm was well done and the "b" story of a killer on the loose built the drama. From the onset, we knew that our characters were going to meet the killer and the drama created by the bloody kitchen added to the effect. I don't recall if the blood was ever explained. As for the third wheel, he took his life in his hands by letting these people think he was the killer and he probably deserved a malpractice suit.

Ross Antonel

I remember listening to this earlier this summer and was appauled at the behaviour of the psychologist, and how the couple just laughed it off. Geez... these days it'd be the basis for a HUGE lawsuit. I haven't listened to it since then but I do remember the 'rich' environment and having stronger than usual mental images no doubt due to the sound effects and descriptive dialogue. As far as the snow goes, I can imagine some pretty intense storms from having lived in the far north in remote fly-in reservations for 5 years and travelling throughout the far north for 3 more years after that in tiny planes. The coldest I have ever experienced with the wind chill factor was -86C, about -122F :xmas: (I think it was something like -46C with 70km/h winds... or -50F with 45mph for those of you still dealing with imperial units - threw off the imperialist monarchy but kept the units of measure... go figure) anyway - a fun episode, will make sure to pay attention to the sound effects when I listen to it again.

R. Allan

What a great episode! I have to admit I really was surprised by the twist at the end. I am usually better at seeing things like that coming! For some reason I didn't pick up on the fact that there was no dead body in the kitchen despite all the blood and the ax. I must improve my listening skills! The bickering between the couple at the beginning of the story was a little too realistic for me! Also, the acting of the psychologist as the killer was very believable. I had a good laugh when said he liked Beethoven's 10th Symphony! Of course we know that there isn't a 10th symphony but that is what makes the psychologist so believable as the killer! I think he went a bit too far but then this story would not have had us on the edge of our seat if he hadn't. I'd also like to point out that we never do find out about the real killer... or perhaps we did? Could the psychologist have been the real killer afterall?


I listened to this episode on a warm evening, so about 11:00 I headed out back to the deck and popped in the CD. After the first five minutes I was jumping at every sound I heard. It brought back a flood of memories, of listening to CBSRMT, around the campfire during the many camping trips my family took. I thought that George Lopes(sp?) did a very nice job of writing very realistic dialogue of a marriage in trouble. I wonder what was going on in his life at the time he wrote this . Like when they met the killer for the first time they are both obviously terrified but the wife still makes a point of telling Jake that “We started back too late thanks to my husband.” Even though she is very scared she doesn't miss the chance to stick it to her husband. The blood in the kitchen really helped drive home the thought that Jake was the killer . Lois Smith was outstanding. The only other CBSRMT credit I can find is for The Sign of the Beast, which had aired 2 weeks earlier. I think it’s a shame that Himan did not sign her to more episodes. She has numerous screen and stage credits, including” Twister" (1996), in which she played Helen Hunt's aunt. I must admit, I had figured out what was really going on near the end of the 2nd act. I think many years of reading thrillers and watching shows like Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone has made it more difficult for me to be fooled by “surprise endings”.


So, was the blood in the kitchen explained? I can't recall and I haven't gone back to listen yet. BTW, great suggestion.


The blood was from a bobcat that the professor surprised in the kitchen.

Ed Beringer

Great to see you! I don't have a pic of Larry Haines but I also noted the WABC station on my version of the program. I'm I crazy or is/was WABC an ABC affiliate? If so, did they really play CBS programs?

Ronnie H.

The WABC recordings are from the 1989-1990 revival. They are an ABC station. They are usually higher quality recordings than normal. WOR was not a CBS Radio affiliate either. They just called it "Mystery Theater"

Arnold Ruff

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same guy and here's an interesting fact:...according to his bio his birth name was "Larry Hecht". Wonder if he's related to Paul?


This show featured some very good dialogue from all three characters. The way people actually talk to one another. I especially enjoyed the more biting remarks on the part of Jake, a genuinely quirky villain. In fact, I kindof wish he had in fact turned out to be a deranged killer, so quirky that in the end he just lets them go because they have proven they have a reason to live. I also wonder about the family in the valley -- unless it was a bobcat that did them in too, then somebody better figure out who did and catch 'em quick! And straight from that era: "women's lib", and "whoever lives here, is really a BRAIN!" (*wince* at memories of teen angst). Another good show.

Adie B.

I was suprised to see a station use another "vendors" wares. Being from a small town, I assumed all stations that broadcast the CBSRMT were CBS affiliates! Dnagle, I also felt the the program could have been complete had the psychologist actually been the culprit. I like the twist but I think the horror plot was working fine.

T. Lancaster

This is a fun program to listen to. My attention never wandered. I was never confused by what was happening nor did I get the (3) characters confused. These points are important to me as sometimes too many characters and I lose "who's who." Well, it is somewhat not to be believed if you want to look at it seriously. I do not believe that a person would do what the professor did - not in real life. But hey, this is radio drama so the rules are out the window. Since I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, the professor would have had a major problem had he tried his trick on me, and without a gun, when it comes to the poker incident, he would have not had a chance to have awakened from that. Whoa, I am taking this too seriously. That obviously means that this was a well acted program that got my attention. That's what makes CBSRMT so good and this is an excellent example of a great program.


Definitely one of my favorites. I have listened to it a lot of times, and never get tired of this one. The first time I heard it, it threw me bitg time, where these usually do not. And yes, the writing was great IMO between the husband/wife. I have seen relationships just like that, people taking verbal shots at each other no matter what the situation. The acting was pretty good. Sometimes I think the wife's voice/portrayal is a bit "cardboardish," But I only came to that conclusion after listening to it a bunch of times. Anyway, great pick!

D. Montrees

I liked this show a lot, I listened to it the last time maybe two years ago so it was somewhat fresh. I think that the characters where well acted and the story was well written. Not wanting to ruin the ending yet wanting to comment on it from the perspective of "what the heck was that guy thinking he could have been killed" comes to mind. But then again we would not have a mystery if it was any different. Thats my sorted comments for now.

M. Monteros

I have been listening to the shows in order and just so happened to reach this show when it was the show of the week - go figure. This is one of my favorites so far (out of the 41 I've heard) because it was one of the more believable and suspenseful episodes. The actors did a great job with their tones and conveying their fear and desperateness. Was the trigger on the gun really broke or was saying it was enough to make them give up on the idea of using the gun? I rate this one a 4.

David R.

LOVED the plot and the supspense-filled ending...I SWEAR I thought I had it figured out, then I didn't, then I did! This was one of the episodes I listened to while driving the CD's to my dad's. And the cougar? That was insane! Great acting, wonderful dialogue, and perfect sound effects.


good suspense and twist ending. the acting was top notch and believible. hey, where's the spell check on this thing? anyway, i was surprised at the end but that quickly turned to indignation, ther i go again. i thought that doctor was in for some legal problems.

Nathan Panambers

I remember the episode fondly. Leon Janey does a great job acting out the psycho. However, I do remember thinking the premise that he is doing a psychological study farfetched. Still enjoyed it though........Until Next Time

K. Lipat

I didn't really like this episode. I was listening to it with 3 others I was trying to get to like CRMT. It didn't work too well. The dialogue with the wife being a "woman's lib" type didn't help. Attitudes have changed, in the most part, toward women since the mid-1970's. It was rough to hear the silly remarks toward the wife. And the way the husband was so whipped was tough to hear too. And, unlike usually, I figured out the twist after the first set of questions the psychologist threw at the couple about their life together. That made the twist at the end no twist for me. I wish I hadn't figured it out! Next time I will try to not figure out the ending!

Melanie Jane

While the "twist" ending was a bit to chew on, the ongoing terror and suspense was fantastic. Now I'm going to read what everyone else had to say about this one....


As for The Walking Corpse, it was suspenseful but you basically knew how it'd turn out. So it was more of an adventure episode, not so much mystery or horror. Well developed characters in this one. Vinette Carroll, after practically phoning in her cold-reading performance in "Mother Love," did fantastic in this one, showing real emotion and drawing me into her character. The ending involving her telling someone to "look at the ocean" was particularly poignant, and heart-rending.


I agree with many that Vinette Carroll's work on this episode was MUCH better than her "Mother Love" episode (where she didn't seem to convey much emotion at all). I thought this one was a fairy good episode. It does seem like some of the comments above are for a different episode though.


Yes,I didn't know the know the walking corpse and blizzard of terror was a two parter


I love it when Vinette Carroll says, "My Baybeeee! My Baybee!"


Funny how nobody commented on how "the rotted corpse" is actually based on the real Island Hispañola, divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Haiti known for it's zombie legends, and Dominican Republic for it's sugar cane the Haitians cut. In the story it is San Dorinde and Mauitia, Santo Domingo is the capitol of the Dominican Republic, and Haiti once took over the entire Island until the Dominicans defeated the Haitians. Haiti practices the Voodo Religion and zombies are talked about in quiet tones.

Dr W

Rex, an android grown chemically from proteins and minerals into human form, dislikes being the slave of James Valentine, whose every order he must obey. Though androids are not supposed to harm, lie or kill and crime is unknown on the planet Paragon, Rex suddenly goes berserk, killing a woman. Valentine quickly flies him to another planet, Deneb-Alpha where a scientist, Nicholas Rostov, suspects that Rex has tired of his role and has resorted to violence to prove himself a man.


This is a great episode, creepy but sad. Vinette Carroll played her part well, really added to the darkness of this story. i think it's great how they write these short stories and convey so much in a short timeframe. I listen just for enjoyment so I'm not sure why there are those that complain about little trivial items. It's not that easy to write a radio short story and do it live. Kudos to the writers and cast!


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