Vinette Carroll (Actor)

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(03-11-1922 - 11-05-2002) Age 80

Vinette Carroll spent much of her childhood in the West Indies. She was the first black woman to direct a play on Broadway (Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, 1972).


She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/30/1974 0025 Mother Love An unusual favor and $6000 are all a fortune teller needs to grant the wish of a desperate woman to conceive
02/17/1974 0040 The Walking Corpse An unfortunate American couple is caught up in a coup by a Banana Republic despot who intends to take over the little island with a horde of zombies.

7 Responses to Carroll Vinette

She shoulda stuck with directing. Her voice is flat & monotonous. Glad she appeared in only a couple of episodes.


She was the mother in Up The Down Staircase. I loved her in that role.


Actress, Playwright and Director Vinnette Justine Carroll had an amazing career as an acting teacher, producer, playwright, director and actress. She appeared and directed on Broadway and was the first black woman to direct a play on Broadway (Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope, 1972). She appeared and directed in film and television, directing the film, When Hell Freezes Over, I'll Skate. She appeared in the films, the Reavers, Alice's Restaurant and Up the Down Staircase, among others. She was nominated for numerous Tony awards and won 2 Emmys. Carroll once said of her career: "They told me that I had one-third less chance because I was a woman; they told me I had one-third less chance again because I was black, but I tell you, I did one hell of a lot with that remaining one-third.”


It's interesting to me how a few in a group of people can hear something one way and others hear it differently. Comments about Mother's flat delivery make me think of quite a few actors from early Hollywood and even some today who are readily recognizable and have made quite a fabulous career from their distinctive "flat delivery". Sometimes it's a tool purposefully used to establish a character. But to each his own. I personally enjoyed this episode very much. And appreciate the extra information on Vinette Carroll. Very accomplished lady!

Laura A.

Laura A., greed. Mike's negative comment appears almost racist.. towards Vinette C. I love Vinette Carroll's voice. Sounds wonderful.

Don Wilkey

The great success of the great Vinette Carroll means that one of her performances can be disliked by a random audience member, and loved by another. Nowhere in the opinion was race mentioned. If a different cast member in the same episode was criticized, nobody would even think about racism.


I think she was a spectacular actress. Her role in mother-love was a standout. The character was very ominous and foreboding. Her voice was anything but flat. She had perfect delivery and the appropriate voice tone to make the roll outstanding.


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