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The Eleventh Hour


After reading an interesting personal ad in the local paper, a businessman tries to connect with the advertiser. When they finally meet, the woman reveals she is a creature from another galaxy that can solve his problems for the sum of one million dollars.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 17, 1975
  • Repeat - May 23, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0397

A business owner answers a personal ad and "connects" with a woman. this woman claims to be from another world and can solve all his business problems, in exchange for $1 million to help her get home. Is she an ET or a con artist?

Ronnie H.

A business executive known for his financial acumen is bewitched by a personals ad. He is coerced into hiring his lazy free-loading nephew. Changes occur to both as they explore facets of their personalities hitherto unknown.


Another interesting tale, but this one was interesting in that two main characters almost seem to switch personalities as the story progresses. However, it does seem as though the uncle is experiencing a mid-life crisis while the nephew appears to be maturing. I guess it's up to the listener to decide what really is going on and what really happens at the end.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I would've rated this 5 stars for EXCELLENT if the finale wasn't a letdown. Everything in Sam Dann's mystery story was going so well where the main character reads an article that captivates him, he reaches out to the mysterious woman who wrote it, deals with others that try to convince him that she's different, he gets the large sum of money for her, and then...they just disappear?!? Just like that?!?! With no trace of their whereabouts? No suitable outcome? No resolution for the minor characters either? Sam Dann has written many mysteries that were incredible and the climax of his story should've been incredible. Another way to title this, would be "Reaching Out" or "My Heart, My Mind, My Soul, My Spirit" or "R&R" (as in "Raymond & Rah-el"). The sound effects of the traffic noise, taxi cab, newspaper, buzzer, telephone, background noise in the mail room, footsteps, typewriter, doors, background noise in the office, doorbell, birds chirping, and unlocking the safe were very effective. The music was effective too with its suspenseful tunes that make CBSRMT fans wonder if this is a Drama-Mystery or a Fantasy-Mystery. In our Host's Prologue, E.G. Marshall analogizes this radio series as a half-way house; half way between reality & illusion (interesting choice of words). In ACT-1, meet our main character: Mr. J. Raymond Trask and find out what he's reaching out for. In ACT-2, our Host compares this story to Mark Twain's short story "Punch, Brothers, Punch" (a.k.a. "A Literary Nightmare"). In ACT-3, he states that a man's selfish life owes a tremendous debt, but will he be able to pay it? In the end, no one saw our 2 main characters again. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall asks CBSRMT fans if the woman that our main character dealt with was a visitor from another planet or a con-artist. A question we may never know the answer to. But what we do know, is that we had a terrific cast in this episode: Larry Haines (as J. Raymond Trask), Carol Teitel (as Rah-el), Mary Jane Higby (as Miss Mulhare), Don Scardino (as Douglas Wilson), and Arnold Moss (as The Cabbie and Mr. Cummings). Both Don Scardino and Arnold Moss played their parts outstandingly. Mary Jane Higby did a wonderful job with a Scottish accent. Carol Teitel's captivated voice was nice, genteel, and serene. And Larry Haines stole the show, as he always does, for playing characters that are paranoid and emphasizing. And I'm surprised that he was allowed to say "Jackass" in this episode at the 11:49 mark. Tune in to this mystery tale if you enjoy Larry Haines' work. Plus, it has a commercial for "Save The Children" with its mailing address in New York. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


Businessman J. Raymond Trask, filled with guilt because of the methods he employed in amassing his fortune, and now involved in a do-good project that will bankrupt his company, is so attracted by an ad that he cannot get its words out of his head. Ultimately he responds and meets its writer, a woman who calls herself Rah-el and who promises him an escape to peace and happiness if he can raise a million dollars.


Oh boy! Ralph Carter, the little African American boy holding his own alongside all those veteran actors!!


Surprisingly suspenseful tale of a business titan who fall for a woman (or ET) via a personal ad. An unhappy marriage and struggling nephew round out the characters nicely.

Kathy D

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