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The Mortgage


When he is featured in the local broadsheet and lauded as a good Samaritan, a sleeper agent is troubled by the thought that he may be called to duty; thereby disrupting his quiet life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 3, 1975
  • Repeat - April 3, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0373

This program begins with some confusion for me. The teaser at the beginning of the program is not what happens in the story. It begins with some dialog between a man and his brother and one shoots the other one. Although it is the right characters, this is not present in the show, and not what actually happens. So, I am confused about that. If this was a dream or something I am not sure. If you figure it out, please send me a message. This is a very good program. It is well-written and the acting is superb. Marvin Cooper is a civic-minded person. He and his wife live in New York City and he is involved in local projects and assists those in need. Yet, he doesn't want any kind of attention for doing so. When he gets some attention, worlds collide.

Peter Kasey

A man's normal life may be turned upside down when his "good samaritan" actions end up getting his picture published in the newspaper. Fearful that someone out of his past will see the photo and expose his doublelife, he must decide which identity is real: the one he is living now, or the one he left behind years ago in a foreign country. This is a well-developed thriller with several good twists. Genre: Thriller

Meljohn Forbes

A middle-aged college professor is actually a sleeper spy. when his picture appears in the paper for doing a good deed, he worries that he might be activated, disrupting the life he loves.

Jermane Vasquez

I found this episode a little hard to follow - with a few similar characters the listener need to be attentive. A husband who is known for his bravery and service to the greater good of society is adamant about no publicity. When his picture appears in the paper he receives a call from his long lost and carefully hidden past. A vestige of the Cold war era.

Lance G.

This is one of a few episodes that have the commercial with the following exchange - "I want that sinus medicine.." "headache tablets?" "no the sinus medicine..." Didn't he hear her the first time?

Mike in Grand Rapids

I found this to be a fairly good episode and everything above board. Some twists near the end were interesting. At first I thought the main character may have been in the witness protection program, but that was cleared up relatively quickly. Mike in GR - No, the person did not hear her the first time. I think he needs something to clear out his ears.


Ahh, another good episode....that must have inspired a current TV show! I am pretty sure this episode "the Mortgage", written by Sam Dann, inspired the current TV Show THE AMERICANS about Soviet spies living as Americans with homes and jobs. The way he said he is an American makes me think it inspired even the name of the show, besides the general idea. Other CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes also inspired (though they were not credited), to greater or lesser degrees, many movies, TV Shows and Novels, including two movies this year: the 2015 Movie EX MACHINA must have been greatly inspired by "Life Blood" written by Murray Burnett, and the 2015 Movie THE AGE OF ADELINE must have certainly been inspired by "Age Cannot Wither Her" written by Sam Dann. Certain aspects of The TV Show LOST must have been inspired by "No Way Out", about mysterious recurring numbers, and an older movie, the original THE OMEN seems likely to have been inspired by the episode "Sacrifice in Blood". Also, listening to the episode "Charnel House" there is a sense that the mood, and settings might have inspired the novel and movie SHELTER ISLAND. Of course, there is no way to know for sure...what do you think?


Sally Cooper becomes concerned when her husband Marvin, usually a placid and civic-minded man, goes through a sudden change in personality. What she doesn’t know is that Marvin is really a Communist defector who is terrified his cover may be discovered by his stepbrother Dmitry, a Russian agent now in the United States. When Dmitry does find Marvin and orders him to persuade his closest friend to defect, Marvin, after 20 years as an American, seems uncertain where his allegiance belongs.


Russell Horton pulling double duty this time. One as a character in the episode and also as voiceover in the Buick commercial.


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