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The Edge of the Scalpel


A surgeon is faced with a moral dilemma when he is forced to perform a complicated operation on the husband of the woman he loves.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 5, 1975
  • Repeat - April 4, 1976





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14 Responses to Episode 0374

Pretty suspensefully episode. The husband is pretty much a jerk to his wife and you are left rooting for the doctor to bump him off.


whew! It kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. You didn't know - and I have to give the surgeon credit for what he did. What a twist in the ending! Very satisfying....................


Eh. This episode wasn't as suspenseful as I was hoping. While I didn't predict the mother-in-law's final reaction, it wasn't that exciting. On to the next!


It's a good thing that the title of this episode sounds like a soap opera because that is exactly what this is. It was interesting to listen to but that is about all I can say for this one. The story line is fairly simple; An operating room nurse and a doctor have the hots for each other. Problem is, she is married. As (bad) luck would have it, her husband has a health problem and needs an operation. The doctor that she is "friends with" is the only doctor around capable of performing the operation. Throw in his crazy mother and the world turns.

Joaquin Jones

A hospital soap opera where an injured man is forced to undergo surgery at the hands of a surgeon who is in love with his wife and might like to see him out of the way.

Jack Lewinsky

The husband of a gentle and devoted wife is handicapped by an affliction and takes great pains to express his bitterness and ensure everyone knows he is crippled. His long-suffering wife is the object of affection of a principled doctor and, while completely devoted to her husband, she is not unsympathetic to his advances. The husband is aware of this connection and is adamant that he not be treated by his wife’s admirer. When his pain becomes unbearable, they al. face some hard decisions.


Very soap-operish, except for one line "I'm a surgeon - not a mathematician!," said Kirk! It beams out of the genre for just a second there.

Mike in Grand Rapids

I agree that this episode wasn't very suspenseful and was more of a soap opera than anything else. While there were some moral dilemmas in the program, it mostly had to do with the doctor than anyone else. Not one of Ian Martin's best shows for me.


I really liked this episode. I gave this episode 5 Stars but I would give this episode a 4.5 rating. This episode had a nice twist at the end. This episode was also full of commercials which I like and covered the news for almost 10 minutes back in 1975. This episode is an example of what money can buy in this world. The husbands mother had all the power (with all the money she had) to be able to control peoples lives in this episode!

Don Heiland, Jr.

Finally an Ian Martin drama where the actors are intelligible speaking in today's English. And without the constant sounds of wind, rain, and trotting hoofs!


Very funny and very true, Dave. I liked this quiet and easily understood drama.


Loved this episode. Suspenseful and well done. Liked the twist at the end. Each got what they deserved most.


Interesting and entertaining - But what a disappointing ending! The wife was so faithful and the couple had a chance to revamp their marriage! I In other episodes, the wife gets pregnant. They could have build their marriage and had a baby with this new beginning! I did not like Malcolm from the start - he was trying to break up their home :{ The mother in law said she supposedly did a good thing, but she gave her son a condition for all that money :{ we don’t have to take shortcuts! Doing the right thing will still be The best way!


The soap opera-style, moralistic medical episodes are so boring. Thanks heavens there weren't many of them in the series. It would have been a far more interesting story if the doctor had murdered the patient, lol! Of course, that would have been more cliche, but at least it would have fit more with the typical CBSRMT episodes.


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