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The Last Lesson


In order to pay off his huge debts, a compulsive gambler shackles himself to a plain but extremely wealthy woman. Things don't go according to plan when she makes him work for his money and he must kiss his lazy and idle days goodbye.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 13, 1975
  • Repeat - March 7, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0361

A man incurs gambling debts and his life is threatened because of it. He concocts a plan to get a single lady he is acquainted with to marry him. She has money, which could be a solution to his problem, but she is very large, tall lady and he is not attracted to her. If you don't like spoilers, don't read any farther. She resists at first but quickly finds out that she needs to be married in order to keep control of her inheritance. (Kind of a strange and sudden development.) So, she agrees to marry him, not knowing about the gambling debt. Once married, she decides to go on a suicidal series of adventures - for which he has no appetite. Fearing that he may not be able to squeeze the money out of her, he has to come up with another plan.

Rocco S.

A gambler, deep in debt, marries an unattractive woman to get access to her money. Problem is, she's not very generous with her money and she is a daredevil, taking them mountain climbing and skydiving. He's a couch potato except for at the track.

A.E. Young

A gambler is in to the mob for a lot of money and they are ready either to collect, of make an example of him to their other clients. The only way out that he can see is to marry rich. He has just the right girl in mind, but can he convince her, and if he can, will he be able to get what he wants?

Julius Abot

This one had me laughing quite a bit! The acting of "Penny" is very good, and all the crazy ways he tries to kill her off keep failing! Very good.

Jenozao Bhutoo

One of the funniest if all episodes. I hear a bit of Herman Munster style humor and comedy coming through Fred in this one, unlike other episodes in which he stars. Love the twist at the end.

David Levine

Lemony Snicket wrote "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I think this one could be titled "A Series of Unintended Events" as nothing went the way that our main character wanted it to go.


Definitely had me laughing at all the ways he tried killing Penny and she kept coming back. Reminded me of an old SNL skit. And I kept seeing Shelly Winters as Penny in my mind's theater.


Great work by both lead actors. Dan Ocko was good too in a duel role as the loan shark &. The Doctor near the end. I love this well written story. I know people who remind me of these characters.

Eddy From Chicago

The Fred Gwynne episodes are some of my favorites...

Mike from Clearlake CA

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