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The Thomas Jefferson Defense


In order to exonerate him being indicted for murder, Thomas Jefferson must defend an Indian chief from the county sheriff and the narrow viewpoint of the prevailing time.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 27, 1975
  • Repeat - July 9, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0353

A young man murders a rival (who is half Indian and half white) and blames the murder on an Indian chief - who also happens to be the victims uncle. In spite of the willingness of the locals to simply lynch the accused, a young Thomas Jefferson insists that he be given a fair trial and attempts to discredit the story of the accuser as he defends the man. This is a good program.

Devon Walters

Thomas Jefferson defends an Indian chief against a murder charge. He must battle the local sheriff and the prevailing attitudes of the time to get justice for an innocent man.

Kevin Ben

This was an interesting listen and kind of reminded me of the Lincoln as a lawyer episode. A good one to listen to.


Certain that the beautiful Louisa is in love with half-breed Jeremy Morgan, Carter McAllister, enraged with jealousy, murders him and then accuses Morgan’s uncle, Chief Blue Cloud. The Shawnee chief hires his good friend, Thomas Jefferson, a highly respected Virginia lawyer, to defend him. Jefferson’s main argument to the jury is his credo that all men are created equal and regardless of ethnic background are entitled to a fair trial.


A good story, and it does pair well with the Lincoln episode. Not a Trump, though. That’s crooked! Like Nixon in CBSMRT news reels from 1973. History does repeat itself!

Scooter D

"alternative facts" come out of the mental cesspools of cowards, liars, bigots , dictators and their zombified cultist followers.

Joaquin Carlos Armendariz

Follows in many ways an incident recounted by Jefferson in his book Notes on the State of Virginia.

Ric Brown

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