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Solid Gold Soldiers


During the civil unrest, two double agents working against the Confederacy engage in a battle of wits despite playing for the same team. In a game of deception and betrayal, they both work towards obtaining one million dollars of the enemy's gold.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 22, 1975
  • Repeat - July 4, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0348

Three in a row with a civil war connection... In 1863, a Confederate Colonel, an actress, and a masquerading British agent combine for a story of intrigue and deceit. The Confederate Army needs equipment in their fight against the North. Apparently, what they need can be bought from England with the appropriate amount of gold. The plan is to ship the gold to England with a speedy return of their needed provisions. Not everyone wants the transaction to succeed.

Joey Mead

During the Civil War, two spies against the Confederacy work with different means toward the same end, and against each other. One is posing as a British agent offering to sell arms in exchange for gold. The other is a beautiful actress with secret loyalties to the Union. They double cross others and each other trying to get $1 millionin Confederate gold.


A good listen and accurate about the value of paper money even today. Too bad most countries (including the USA) no longer use gold to back the value of their money, but apparently they want to spend more than they can generate. I thought I had heard a story about people using Confederate money for helping build fires as it was so useless. Then again, there was that Scooby Doo episode as well that included Confederate money.


With the aid of beautiful actress Mariah Wilson, Oliver Colfax, a Southern officer, transacts to purchase arms for the Confederacy from Alexander Burton, an alleged British agent, for $1 million in gold. When Colfax discovers that Burton is an impostor and Mariah a Northern spy, he sets sail for England to deliver the gold himself, only to find that Mariah, who has disguised herself as a cabin boy, has already alerted the enemy.


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