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Person to Be Notified


After landing a position at the remote island home of an eccentric author, a woman begins to suspect his manservant's actions and sets out to expose him. Concerned for welfare, the man who sent her to the island goes after her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 25, 1975
  • Repeat - January 20, 1976





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7 Responses to Episode 0332

A young lady with no family and little concern for her direction in life visits an employment agency looking for a job. Apparently she has learned to simply roll with the flow of life and she is willing to take any job and go anywhere without applying much thought. On the application she fills out, where it asks for "next of kin" she leaves the line blank. This leads to a discussion between her and the young man at the agency in which he informs her that everyone must have someone to list. She informs him that "she is all alone in the world." He insists that the form must be fully filled out in order for her to be considered for any job. She picks up a pen from his desk and asks him what his name is. When he answers, she writes his name and tells him that she now knows him as well as she does anyone else in the world. He tells her that he doesn't have any job possibilities for her other than a job as a secretary to an older man "on an island off the coast of Northern Maine." (Note that Northern Maine does not actually touch the ocean but forgetting that fact, we continue...) Furthermore, the job requires signing a contract and there are other unusual requirements. She has no particular concerns about her future and will agree to anything. She takes the job and travels to the island only to discover that the job is not at all what she expected and she desires to leave - but can't. Meanwhile, the young man at the employment agency starts to wonder just exactly what kind of situation he sent her into.

Lakesha Jones

A woman takes a job on a remote island witha strange author and his house staff. She is sure the author's butler is up to no good and tries to prove it. Meanwhile, the guy who placed her in the job gets concerned and comes looking for her.

Gina A.

Mercedes McCambridge again as a beautiful but slightly flighty young woman who has no friends or family to indicate as the 'person to be notified' in case of an emergency. Because the employment agency requires a name she puts the name of the man interviewing her. He, himself is in the same predicament and, after sending her off on a strange job assignment, he worries about her.


A different sort of tale to be sure and somewhat interesting to listen to. Of course we know there is something sinister going on when a job requires someone to look a specific way, to have no immediate friends or family, sign a two-year contract, and stay on a remote island. I did find it interesting that there was person on the island helping out that took part in some of the action, but we never heard his voice. Not the greatest story, but definitely not the worst either.


A decent episode, I am not sure why but the voice of Mercedes McCambridge just irks me. We are to believe that she is young and beautiful but the voice just doesn't sound that way. I will have to google her to see why she was so popular on CBS Radio Mystery Theater, I am guessing someone liked her a lot. I know it's just me, but, cringe when I hear her

Brian M

I agree with Brian M. This is a decent episode but there’s something about Mercedes McCambridges’ voice that really messes up the youthful image she’s trying to portray.

Brian Y

This was a good episode and would have been great if there was a younger actress playing the female lead like Jada Rowland. Mercedes McCambridge is a good actress but just not believable as a young woman!

Julie F

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