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Age Cannot Wither Her


An elderly man returns to shore alone after taking his young wife on a sailing trip. He spins a fantastic tale about a fountain of youth when the local sheriff questions his wife's disappearance.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 11, 1975
  • Repeat - December 27, 1975





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19 Responses to Episode 0324

Always liked this one. It is one of the few that I could remember vividly from my childhood. Even remembered her birth year!

Jonathan Wald

A man of 70 years old and his wife, who appears to be no older than her late teens, settle into a lake house in the Adirondacks. The apparent difference in their ages raises eyebrows with the neighbors. When the young lady disappears, a murder investigation ensues.

J. Jonah Jr.

A man is questioned by police when his wife turns up missing after a sailing excursion. Accused of her murder the man offers up an incredible alibi: his wife cannot be dead because she is immortal. His story of marrying a woman who has lived for over 400 years and is impervious to death is too amazing to believe, but it just might be true. This is an intriguing episode with good performances by the leads, raising the question of whether or not it would really be so wonderful to live forever. Genre: Occult

Geoffrey Z.

An old man goes out sailing with his very young wife. He returns alone. When the sheriff inquires about her whereabouts, the man tells him an incredible tale of eternal life.

Llewelyn G.

An elderly man is seen taking a young beautiful woman out in a boat. When he returns alone there is an investigation. There is consensus amongst those asked that the woman was his wife, despite the enormous apparent age difference. When questioned, the man insists that his wife, is 19, and will always be 19, and has been 19 since the French revolution when her alchemist father fed her a potion that promised immortality.


I remember hearing this story when it was aired in 1975! I can't believe I found it. What an interesting story. I am so happy I discovered the CBS Mystery Radio site.


A melancholy tale - a little mysticism, a little romance, even a little Dr. Kevorkian. And a mystery - was the tale really true?

Mike in Grand Rapids

I used to listen to this show as a child. This was my favorite one. Couldn't remember the name but finally found it. This is my all time number one fave! Love you CBS Radio Mysteries!! Xoxo

Gina Schackel

Thank you Gina for your recommendation of this episode. I also loved it- it's whimsical, romantic, mysterious, supernatural, or is it supernatural? You decide!


An enjoyable tale, I especially liked his comment about the Elixir of Death at the end. I do find it odd that they only had one picture and no other history behind the wife.


It is clear to me that several original episodes of CBS Mystery Theater served as 'inspiration' for other authors of novels, movies and TV scripts, I say inspiration to be fair and not say outright that they copied some of the ideas, because there is no way to know for sure. But did this episode "Age Cannot Wither Her" almost assuredly inspire the idea of new movie THE AGE OF ADELINE?? Did "Sacrifice in Blood" inspire the movie THE OMEN? Did "No Way Out" inspire certain aspects of the TV Show LOST? Did "Life Blood" inspire the new movie EX MACHINA?? Did "Charnel House" inspire certain settings and mood of SHELTER ISLAND? Hmmmm, we can only guess at these coincidences...


What I want to know is, why couldn't the immortal girl wait for her husband(s) to die before running off to find a new husband/lover? After all, what's time to her, lol? She could wait for them to die and then find someone else. It's an interesting episode nonetheless.


This is a very good episode! Highley recommend! Today is the 42nd Anniversary of CBSRMT! Started listening back in 1974 on WIBW, 580 on the AM dial in Topeka, Kansas!

Don Heiland, Jr.

Re-listening to my favorite CBSRMT episode. 2018-1975= 43 years later!!!! Happy New Years everyone!!

Gina Schackel

AGE CANNOT WITHER HER… but this episode will. This isn’t really a story but merely a concept punishingly repeated until 45 minutes is filled, ending in a weak and overly-convenient conclusion. The concept is that of a beautiful young woman who - through a mystical mishap long ago - permanently exists as a 19-year-old. She has spent centuries seeking meaningful marital love but all her husbands eventually grow old and die. The guy in this story is a babbling simpleton who, for the life of me, I cannot see the woman's attraction to. She nevertheless marries him and falls into the perpetual cycle. For a much better tragedy about conflicted marital love and the supernatural, check out Ian Martin’s amazing SPEAK OF THE DEVIL (link below). It pains me, but I give AGE CANNOT WITHER HER a rare 0 out of 5 stars – JUROR #4.

Juror #4

I commented earlier in the thread, but I felt I needed to follow up. It really bothers me about this girl's attitude! I find her to be one of the most unlikable characters on the whole series. She doesn't really love ANY of her husbands because she leaves them as soon as they get "too old" to satisfy her, (in a sexual way). She comes across as a really selfish, awful person because she deserts her husbands as soon as they are old instead of honoring her wedding vows of "until death do us part." I could understand her leaving an abusive husband, but it's disgusting that she leaves them behind as soon as they reach a certain age, in order to run off with a younger, more handsome man. If she had any love in her heart whatsoever, why couldn't she wait until her husband died of old age? She is immortal, so what's a little more time to her? She is too selfish to wait it out a few extra years for the sake of being there for a man she supposedly loves. Doesn't she care about what will happen to him when he is old and sick? If she loved him, she would want to take care of him in his last years. But she is so selfish, all she can think about is being with a young, sexually active man, to satisfy her and give her pleasure. What a disgusting person she is, imo! I am surprised he could stand living with a woman who is constantly harping on how old he is, and putting him down for being older. The fact that he accepts her attitude, without being hurt, makes him look like a stupid idiot, imo. Also, the actor who plays her husband he sounds much too old when he is supposed to be a young man, (when they first meet). His voice is appropriate for when he is older, but as a young man, he sounds ridiculous, lol!


When John and Eleanor Burnham go sailing and only John returns, the sheriff’s suspicions are aroused. Unable to say where Eleanor is, John is jailed for murder and tells a skeptical sheriff that he didn’t murder her, because she can’t die. Eleanor, says John, was born 400 years ago, the daughter of an alchemist who gave her the Elixir of Life that made her 19 years old forever. The fact that Eleanor still looks 19 after 45 years of marriage to John is convincing — until her body is found, with evidence that she planned to run away with another man


I wanted to like this episode but found the story kept going around in circles, leading nowhere. Not worth a second listen.


The main male character’s unwillingness to accept the woman’s story and his continued stupidity regarding it was super frustrating. In the end it was an interesting story worth the listen.


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