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The Lady Is a Jinx


After falling for a woman with an unusual past, a police detective learns of the strange deaths that befell her previous lovers when the sister of her most recent victim requests his assistance in seeking justice for her brother.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 28, 1975
  • Repeat - December 6, 1975





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5 Responses to Episode 0316

A police detective falls in love with a woman whose previous lovers have all died or been murdered. The sister of a previous victim appeals to him for help.

Roxie T.

After her brother is accidentally gunned down in a gang-style execution, a professor of economics appeals to the police to investigate further claiming that he was not the first man, engaged to a particular beautiful woman, to have died in mysterious circumstances. In fact, he was the fourth, and she is engaged again. She pressures the police to do something to save this poor man from a certain fateā€¦ but what will the charge be?  


An interesting story with excellent acting by Marian Seldes and Larry Haines. As a previous reviewer noted, the plot doesn't exactly tie together in retrospect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected plot twists. The dialogue and setup during the theater sequence is handled very well!


A somewhat interesting story, but it just wasn't quite all there for me. There were interesting allusions to the "old gods" and how they might be surviving, but it never seemed to tie up at the end. Not the best, not the worst for me.


Interesting plot. It brings up some questions though. Which of the ladies is actually the jinx? The would be black widow? Yet she isn't a black widow because why would she want to kill them the night before the wedding? She then can't get their money or property, and what about all those expensive wedding parties planned and all those wedding dresses purchased? Then when you hear her explanation that they were all adventurous men who had to get the last scuba diving or sky diving in the day before they get hitched, and the explanation makes some sense. As for the professor of economics being the jinx, wasn't she the cause of the actor's death by yelling fire in the theater, which almost everybody knows is not the smart thing to do because it will cause a riot. Even though her intentions were to try to save his life, her utter hysteria actually led to his death. Was she also there when the others died? She was with the detective on the night before his wedding. Would the detective be fine if she didn't show up? Did she telepathically make the truck driver lose control? Also with everything the detective knew, why didn't he just take the night before his wedding off, to be on the safe side? Most guys would ask their boss, "Hey, I am getting married tomorrow, can I get off work early?" And the final climax of the story, how was the engagement called off (which saved his life?) just because he said he loves the economist lady? Wouldn't the would be bride have to be told first to make it official?

Dore Matt

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