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He Moves in Mysterious Ways


In order to provide emotional support to a depressed dancer and help prepare her for surgery, a hospital pastor risks his own health to give her the courage to overcome her injuries and dance again.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 30, 1975
  • Repeat - December 7, 1975





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5 Responses to Episode 0317

A hospital pastor risks his own health and life to counsel an injured dancer facing surgery. But the miracle is ultimately hers to perform.

Maria Genesis

A train wreck floods a hospital with cases. The staff tend to the injured and the Chaplain attends to their spiritual health. One of the patients is a ballet dancer who struggles with the choices she made in life between her career and her love interest, and now, must deal with the possibility she may never dance again. The chaplain himself sets aside his own health symptoms to perform his duty.


An okay listen, but with so much dramatic music I almost would've thought this was a soap opera. Overall a good listen for a dramatic story.


I thought this was a great show, I was totally drawn into it. I actually teared up at the end, hard for a radio show to do that to me.


I agree with both of the last two comments - a bit too much scene transition music this episode than seemed necessary (in my opinion) but besides that it was fantastic with the acting, especially the dancer. I love CBSRMT in general but occasionally there's an episode that I'm impressed with in such a way that I feel inclined to tell a friend and despite the music overdose, this is one of them.


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