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The Rape of the Maia


A notorious gambler turns up dead and all evidence point towards a famous couturier. In order to get an acquittal, his lawyer must do battle with a wily bookie.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 27, 1975
  • Repeat - October 14, 1975





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8 Responses to Episode 0299

A women's dress designer is accused of the murder of a gambler. His lawyer must match wits with a bookie to get him off the hook.


A story of murder and a frame-up with delightful characters. A fashion designer’s latest creation is stolen and sold by a fellow designer. Furious over this betrayal he seeks him out to exact a final revenge, but not before a loan-shark kills him first. Fainting at the sight, he is set up to take the rap, but a faithful friend works to uncover the truth.

I. Felix

Norman Rose and Arnold Stang - the polar opposites of the vocal spectrum - are in one episode together. It was fun, but a little shrill. I did enjoy the listen overall.


A light-hearted murder--not mystery, but an "everyman" detective story. Voice acting was superb. Predictable but enjoyable play.


I agree with Mike that it was a light-hearted murder that a man who runs a dress shop is able to solve with no help from a well-read detective.


I was listening to "The rape of the Maia", and heared one of my favorite cartoon characters in it. Arnold Stang was also the voice for 'Top Cat'... It's funny, hearing Top Cat in the CBSRMT.


Vaughn Lamere vows to kill horse-player Perry Fullerton, who stole one of Lamere’s dress designs and sold it for $500 to pay off his bookie. After Fullerton loses the $500 on another horse, his bookie accidentally kills him with a knife. Lamere arrives on the scene seconds later, faints at the sight of blood and awakens near Fullerton’s body, the bloody knife in his hand. Even his best friends, including Morris Goodman, his boss, can’t convince Lamere he wasn’t the murderer.


Kinda homophobic

John Blough

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