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The Voices of Death


A radio equipment production unit executive finds an ancient crystal set designed by him at a yard sale. But when he operates it, it broadcasts the conversation of a man and a woman debating over the destiny of mankind. The woman begs for a single extra day granted to people and the executive resolves to go out and persuade people to see the error in their ways.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 9, 1975
  • Repeat - August 23, 1975





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Burt Fowler seems to be ready to reach the pinnacle of his career as he is slated to be named president of the company where he has spent his life. But, at the last minute the board of directors makes a change, deciding that a younger man should get the job because he speaks the language of young consumers. After getting the bad news he has to get away from the office and asks his secretary of 24 years to go for a ride in the country. As they drive, they happen upon a yard sale and stop. He spots an old crystal radio receiver - built from plans that he designed as a youth when he entered a magazine contest and won. He buys it for a dollar and starts listening to it. It's what he hears when he listens that is the basis for this adventure.


A long serving communications executive feels certain he will be appointed president of the company. When he is passed over for a younger, more in-tune employee, he is extremely disappointed. Going on a drive with his secretary, the two muse about their lives, devoted to the company and to each other, and he is very bitter about his lot. Stopping at a garage sale, he finds a crystal radio set that is designed from his own prize winning plans he created for a contest as a youth. Purchasing the item he finds it still works, and he alone hears broadcasts from the distant past, and voices that, in communication with each other, spell calamity and disaster for the entire planet.


A busy executive is expecting promotion after a lifetime devoted service. When he is passed over for a younger, more progressive man, he begins to question his life's work. Taking his secretary out on an impromptu drive to escape the disappointment, they learn more about each other. Stumbling upon a yard sale, he finds a model radio he constructed as a youth out of scrap material. When he turns it on, he is convinced he hears voices from another world.

Mr. Huab

Great episode and whomever cut off the brilliant EG Marshal at the end ( maybe originally broadcast that way? I hope) is a genius!


Lol. This particular recording ends while EG is saying " I hope this world doesn't end before I......." Don't know if that was fine for effect, or just the way it worked out! 😄


This episode featured extremely expressive voices. Both Fowler and Miss (now what was her name!) ---the secretary---have superb intonation and inflection. The episode was interesting, and I wish more people would have taken this message seriously. Look at the climatic changes we have to deal with almost 40 years later!


Miss Hastings was the secretary, although by the time Mr. Fowler was institutionalized she’d become known to him as “Aleetha.”


An interesting episode that had to do more with the character saving himself more than the world. Contrary to what Nance's climate change take on the story, I heard more of a personal, possibly biblical take on the story. What is nice about some stories is that many people can get many meanings out of it. I appreciate Nance's take on it even though I got something else out of it. To me, that makes a good episode.


This episode had great potential but fell apart for me in the 3rd Act at the end. I wanted to love it but at the 25 min mark it started losing me.


Norman Rose was a great actor with a fantastic voice. I love listening to the episodes he starred in.


This episode had lots of potential but turned out to be a letdown for me.


I also thought that this episode didn't quite hit the mark. The ending was disappointing to me. I enjoyed the characters, however.


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