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The Benjamin Franklin Murder Case


Ben Franklin is the hero in this case of an assassination in a Philadelphia mansion in 1750.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 7, 1975
  • Repeat - July 9, 1975





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13 Responses to Episode 0252

A murder takes place in a mansion located in Philadelphia in 1750. Ben Franklin steps in to clear the innocent and discover the guilty.

Johanssen Esmeralda

A woman is trying to sell her home because it is far too large and costly to maintain. A potential buyer lo-balls the offer claiming that the house is haunted, and whatever purpose he could put the land or building to would be tarnished by the home’s reputation. While the woman assures him it is not, her close relation claims it is. Ben Franklin is brought in to help figure things out. Don’t know why it had to be Ben Franklin… perhaps the It’s Murder Mr. Lincoln episode received good reviews so why not have another president episode? Twin Episode: 0247 Key to Murder March 28, 1975

Marco M.

Clever deductive work by Benjamin Franklin using the beliefs current of the time together with scientific observation to solve the case. And yes, it was quite similar to #0247 as poster Marco M. noted above. Both episodes are fun and the commentary by E.G. Marshall provided good background. Liked his comment about the Founders.

Vicky Hernandez

I'm surprised that they didn't get Howard Da Silva to play the role of Ben Franklin. I remember this episode from when I was 12 years old and I always thought that it was Howard playing Mr. Franklin. I guess I just sort of mixed up my memories of 1776 and CBS RMT!

Joel Lillo

A good episode all around and good psychology work by Franklin. I agree that the Lincoln episode may have made this episode possible, but Franklin never held the Presidency of the US, only of Pennsylvania (before Governors). Da Silva may have done an excellent job as well, but the person who did Franklin was very good himself.


Not impressed. Had a pretty good idea who did it and why right from the start. Franklin did come up with a clever way on how to trap the ghost though. :)


A sure sign if an episode is to my liking is if it does not hold m attention, even while working around the house or driving (I download and listen on my mp3 player). I tried to get through this one several times and could not focus on it. I agree, why it had to be Ben Franklin was weird, and agree with Pamela, about the clever trap he set though. I too kept thinking, Howard would have made a more interesting Ben to listen too as well (loved his role in the movie 1776 as Ben). Good thing there are so many episodes to listen to, they can't all be to my liking.

Don Malzahn

The Benjamin Franklin Murder Case" Episode 252 MY FAVORITE ONE.


love it, I really appreciate that.


Marko M., uhh Ben Franklin was NOT a president. Just saying...


Just a follow up... Ironically, Howard Da Silva *did* play Ben Franklin on stage and in the movie "1776" so I just thought that was interesting to note! :D


I think listening to Howard Da Silva playing Ben Franklin would have forever ruined the way I imagine Ben Franklin, lol! Howard Da Silva was perfect in the episode "Taken for Granite" about an insane artist who uses live people in statues. That's the kind of role his voice was meant for, imo, lol! :D


I was an adolescent when these shows started, and a late teen when it ended. My dad listened (b. 1928), but I never had an interest. My new job affords me the option while working, to listen. I download them to my Mp3 player, play 2 episodes a day. I pick and choose what seems interesting, this being the first with commercials. A flood of memories came back when I heard the BUDWEISER, "when you say Bud" jingle. Brought me right back to 1975 at the golf course with my dad, watching a golf match on TV in the clubhouse after his round. While others listen to podcasts on their phones, I kick it old school, enjoying every minute of it!


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