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Roses Are for Funerals


A fake leopard skin coat becomes the key to a case of assassination and mystery as a British man travels to the home of his American beloved.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 4, 1975
  • Repeat - July 6, 1975
  • Repeat - September 5, 1980





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12 Responses to Episode 0251

Very clever script. Worth the time to listen.


A cheap,imitation leapord skin coat becomes the object of murder, intrigue and mystery as a Englander visits her American fiance.

Cedrix B.

A woman arrives from England to visit her distant relatives. Arriving at the airport with her imitation leopard skin coat and a rose in her lapel, she is accosted by a French woman who is determined to purchase the jacket from her. As the exchange grows more emotional, offering $1000 for the coat, the Englishwoman refuses and is finally rescued by her cousin who has come to pick her up. On the drive home they are pursued by a man in a car who tries to force them off the road. It seems the woman has a very popular jacket, and people are going to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on it.

Barry Alexis

The Lifetime movie equivalent on CBSRMT. That's not a criticism exactly, but there's a certain "naive woman in jeopardy" feel here that you're either going to love or find tedious. I listened all the way only because I had to know how the switcheroo happened.


This episode would've made a good spy movie. It was a little frustrating to hear E. G. Marshall remind the listener the clues were obvious. Tony Roberts was great. So was the “Rose” character.

Vicky Hernandez

A British woman and a genteel New Yorker get mixed up in romance and danger when her faux leopard-skin coat acts as a magnet for international intrigue. The "can you solve it in time" narration is a nice touch, though only those totally unfamiliar with mysteries are likely to be stumped. The performances are appealing, if not terribly strong, but the most appealing thing about it is probably all the period trappings-- 'airport florists,' martinis for lunch, those darn leopard-skin coats, and a spy ring whose MO would be right at home in a late-60s superspy flick. Fun, gimmicky, and more than a little silly, but certainly a pleasant episode.


A fairly good episode and I did like the comment about having the clues to solve the crime/riddle. I don't know if everyone would've thought about the device as not everyone may be familiar with it, but it was still good. I was close to figuring it out, but I was one of those not familiar with it.


One of the best stories of the series. Very well dramatised! You could almost feel the city of New York the story was so well written and acted. One of the best that can be listened to over and over again without getting bored.

John in Warren, Mi.

Rose from "Roses are for Funerals" is my favorite character


I think its a gem.


Please update the cast listing, the lead is played by a female, Carole Shelley and not Carol Shelby as is listed. Carole Shelley also played one of the Pigeon Sisters in both The Odd Couple feature film and the tv series.

john G lawton

I listen to radio mystery theater daily. But I have to make the comment about the logic. Why didn’t the people just grab the pin? Instead of trying to get the coat all the time?

J Nicolosi

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