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Key to Murder


A double bill of the classic Poe plot. An investigator probes the case of two murders that took place in rooms sealed from the inside with no other visible entrances or exits.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 28, 1975
  • Repeat - June 28, 1975
  • Repeat - October 3, 1980





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5 Responses to Episode 0247

A murder mystery about a landlady whose apartment block suffer after the apparent suicide of a tenant. Upon further investigation, the police lieutenant determines it was murder. But all evidence points to suicide – particularly the fact that the room was locked from the inside with the key still inside the lock from the inner part of the door. As more murders occur, all staged to look like suicides, the landlady is loosing tenants – some dying, others moving out. She is financially at her wits end.

Don Franco

A pretty good listen for me. However, there seems an inordinate amount of stories about police detectives falling in love with, and/or marrying, a woman who is part of their investigation. That being said I still think it was a good listen, especially the "trick" with the locked room.


Good storyline. Nice alternative ending in solving a "locked door" mystery. 8-24-17


Uh .. how did she slip the key in the door if the tenants had the only key… cmon Lowter. Lame ending sorry!


She murdered them, took the tenants' key and locked the door from the outside. When they opened the door by force, she slipped the key in the door to make it look that it was inside all the time.


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