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Love Me And Die


A young woman has recently married, but is plagued by her ex-husband's ghost. He died in an accident while rock climbing and he is determined to pass on a message to her present husband.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 18, 1975
  • Repeat - May 6, 1975





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11 Responses to Episode 0225

Not a bad little story, the first act is especially spooky. Reminded me a bit of "Vertigo"

Mike in Grand Rapids

A woman remarries after the death of her previous husband. Her former marriage was marked with violence, turmoil, and a paucity of real love. Her new husband is very understanding and when she starts seeing visions of her dead husband, she starts to doubt her sanity. The following day, when they find physical evidence, an old cufflink that belonged to the old husband, they both seek to put her old husband to rest, once and for all… but the ghost seems to have more to say


Good lord, what a melodramatic voice Ann Sheppard had. It was so over the top, the story, which was goofy to begin with, was made even more cloying. The 2nd husband deserved a medal for putting up with the dame as long as he did. Yikes.


The story was okay, but the second husband was a complete idiot after all he learned about his wife and still wanting her affections. I guess he had issues as well.


Great episode


This episode made me too upset to give it a thumbs up. A woman seeking out her abuser is a terrible thing but to discover she is just a manipulator is far worse for me. Good, compelling, interesting but aggravating episode. Regarding Ann Sheppard, I loved her in The Spots of the Leopard where she just plays a completely selfish dingaling.


I was rooting for Burt all along! I'm glad that goofy broad got her well deserved justice.


Sam Dann has come a long way. I felt that his early stuff was a bit too weird, but has since become one of my favorite writers. One of his better episodes.


Much better twist would have been an actor/detective made to look like Bert at a distance for her but to Mason he could have passed. All done to get her to confess on the cliff. Which she did. Instead, kill herself?!? Stupid ending.

J Nicolosi

Somehow it’s always the annoying episodes that I manage to stay awake all the way through! My cat actually got up and walked away from this one, and she and I both adore Mason Adams!

Melanie C

What a mess of a story- she was crazy and he was crazier for putting up with her.


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