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Must Hope Perish


A senator who is running for president believes that the country's leading dissident is trying to get his point across through poetry despite never having been formally introduced.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 20, 1975
  • Repeat - May 10, 1975





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5 Responses to Episode 0226

Senator Marvin Hail Prentice (MHP) thinks he’s being communicated with, by the mysterious writer V.K. Krestin (a nom de plume). Is it ESP, thought, mind control, psychic communication??? Or rather perhaps mere coincidence leading to an unlikely love story between a senator and an underground political writer from The Republic of Doriage. Starring: Hugh Marlowe, Marion Seldes, Ian Martin, Evie Juster, and Robert Dryden. Written by Sam Dann. Note: Must Hope Perish (MHP) Good cast... OK story... good sound quality... hosted by H. Brown.


E. G. Marshall was the host.


A US Senator sparks his career when he takes a philosophical stance on trade negotiations with a small nation ruled by a tyrannical dictator. He is more altruistic and really does stand n principle despite his handler's recommendations to guard against the ruin of his political career. he believes he is being contacted covertly by a poet from the tiny nation who is being persecuted in her country for writing subversive poetry. The poet it arrested by her government and forced to contact the Senator in an effort to change his position on the trade negotiations. This episode rates


Pretty salty storyline with a few L's We need more poets today


This was a pretty good story considering the slight supernatural element (psychic communication). I appreciated the story saying the senator should follow party lines on things as that's (unfortunately) how many votes go these days. It would be nice if elected officials actually voted on things based on their constituents wishes rather than party lines (or even along their own morality lines if it's that type of issue and they state it as such), but that's a Utopia we'll never see on earth.


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