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The House of the Voodoo Queen


A husband and wife gain possession of a house in New Orleans known to be inhabited by a malicious ghost. Another woman works her charm on the husband in order to get her hands on the house.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 19, 1974
  • Repeat - February 15, 1975





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14 Responses to Episode 0189

If you're a fan of New Orleans and the surrounding atmosphere, you'll like this one a lot. Not a lot of sympathetic characters though. Main protaganist is pretty hard to like. Good story though, from early in the run.


"The House of the Voodoo Queen" was one of my favorites so far. Another episode that was spooky. This episode also had a teaching moment: men, don't fall for the smoking hot voodoo woman who talks you into selling your cute little wife's soul to the dark side. It doesn't work out as well as the smoking hot voodoo woman promises! Great listen--5 stars--great episode if you're a first timer.

Davy Joe

A couple has recently inherit a haunted house in New Orleans. While seeking a buyer, the husband has an affair with a a woman involved in a cult. He barters his wife's soul for financial rewards but realizes the bartering has additional consequences.


A couple inherit a house said to be cursed. They attempt to live there but find it too overwhelming. Seeking to rid themselves of the house they only receive paltry offers representing only a small fraction of the house’s worth. The only party seriously interested is a group representing a voodoo cult who claims some history with the house and will go to great lengths to acquire the home, including a seduction of the husband by a sultry woman.


The above summaries definitely hit all the main points-- including the unlikable protagonist. The supporting actors actually turn in the strongest performances here, helping to make it an atmospheric episode with a few welcome twists that keep it from being a by-the-numbers voodoo tale.

Matt Sandwich

Hahaha! I have to agree with Davy Joe and his comments about "smoking hot women!"! Also, Matt is correct that the supporting cast upstaged the main (thoroughly reprehensible) character. Excellent dramatic voices. An eerie episode to be sure.


Nice spooky story. Tragic. I with the main character got more in the end. It's amazing how some are so easily swayed in this episode.


I cannot add more than what Davy and Hubernia have said about the episode (as well as everyone else). A good listen.


American horror story fans would drool^_^

Tyler G

Just found this, as kids at scout camp we would hang wire in the pines and make a shortwave radio just to listen to these broadcast at 11pm to midnight every year. One of my fondest memories

Chaz H

I can only add this as many of the comments sum up this episode well .... What is up with that picture of " Rene Roy " ? Who in their right mind would take a picture looking like that ? Obviously someone mentally ill and French I would assume ! The only thing he's missing is a cigarette filter and perhaps a Beret!

Diggs Gavers Jr

Great episode, it kept me on the edge of my seat until the end

William Mosley Sr

Doug and Helen Fenton leave New York to take possession of an old, beautifully located New Orleans mansion inherited from an uncle they never knew. But someone else apparently wants the house and seems intent on scaring the Fentons out. In fact, a woman who calls herself Zoe Lemaitre offers to buy them out for $7,800, claiming the house was stolen in the 19th century from the voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie Le Veau. The Fentons refuse the offer, but soon learn the life-long lesson that if voodoo listen to Zoe, voodoo wish you had.


This episode transforms the legend of Voodoo and makes it come alive! Excellent story line and great performances. Three cheers for author Murray Burnett!!!

Eric Templeton

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