Renee Roy (Actor)

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(01-02-1931 - 07-30-2005) Age 74

Renee Roy appeared in the role of the temperamental nightclub owner Clair Bridgeman on "Love of Life" from 1967-1970 and in 300+ commercials, pitching such products as Tide detergent, Chux diapers, Armstrong floors, & Lanacane itch cream.  Renee Roy's only appearance on CBS Radio Mystery Theater was in 1974. 

She appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
12/19/1974 0189 The House of the Voodoo Queen A husband and wife gain possession of a house in New Orleans known to be inhabited by a malicious ghost. Another woman works her charm on the husband in order to get her hands on the house.

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