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Is the Lady Dead?


An extremely wealthy man marries a woman on the spur of a moment. His wife dies soon after the marriage, and this affects him in such a way that he becomes obsessed with the desire toreclaim her from the grave. His behavior distresses his family and longtime butler.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 12, 1974
  • Repeat - February 8, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0186

It is rare that Mystery Theater actually chills you to the bone with fear. But MT does do creepy excellently. Such is the case for "Is the Lady Dead?" An excellent listen while not sewing up the ending. It leaves the conclusion up to the listener. 4 stars.

Davy Joe

A young executive millionare travels to Europe and takes a wife. Soon, his wife dies and he brings her back in his mind.


A hard-driven business tycoon finds the love of his life while on a trip to Europe and they marry after only one week together. Shortly thereafter she dies but not before he promises to bring her back from the dead. Genre: Occult/Drama

Ricca Peralta

A world-traveling businessman marries a woman after a whirlwind romance in Europe. It becomes apparent that she has had a very unhappy life to that point and, while they don’t really know much about each other, they are very much in love. The complicating factor is that the woman falls gravely ill and the husband speculates that just as people can die from grief, it may be possible that she is dying of happiness. On her deathbed she pleads with him to bring her back from the dead in order to continue their happy life together. What he does to fulfill her wish seems to lead him down a path to madness.


I liked this episode, especially how EG left the episode on how the ring may have shown up.


It feels like Dann had about five different concepts for the Rachel character but wrote none of them. The actress sells some of her lines as though she is some sort of ill-fated mythological creature, but with no particular explanation for who she is or why she dies, the entire story comes across half-baked.


I wonder why Earl Hammond was not mentioned as part of the cast?

Martin Mangleman

I try, I really try, to suffer through Joan Loring’s chronically-congested nasal voice that always sounds as if she suffers from an endless cold. All I heard was a ghost in serious need of a decongestant.


This is one of my fave listens ! What a great hour. I love how (Larry Haines) is so convincing in all his arguments. Rachel is convincingly little bit creepy and I wasn't sure in the beginning if she really was SPOILER !! alive. I listened to this back to back; just loved the actors, writing and everything about this one. I am surprised to see so many thumbs down :( Loved it !!


Concerned only with piling up a fortune, millionaire Barney Kreuger has never married — until, while driving in England, he falls in love with Rachel, whose car he hits. Married just a week, the two return to America. Seven days later, Rachel is dead—for reasons unknown. A man who in business has never accepted no for an answer, Barney vows that Rachel will live again — even if it costs him his many millions.


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