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A Scaffold for Two


After his plane crashes in a secluded island, a lawyer learns that the locals employ their own judicial code. He is forced to take part in their farce of a system that ignores legal conventions.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 14, 1974
  • Repeat - November 29, 1974





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8 Responses to Episode 0160

"A Scaffold for Two" was just an average listen (3 stars). But like so many episodes on Mystery Theater from the 1970s, the plot, news breaks and commercials are some times far more fascinating than the story itself. This episode seemed to be a retrospective on America's justice system. The subplot was a dead give away--in our justice system, we run the risk of getting things wrong to preserve the rights of the arrested. This episode aired over 20 years before the trials of Simpson, Peterson, Blake, Jackson, and Anthony--all of which are famous court cases in America that are heavily scrutinized. It makes me wonder what we will say after the Zimmerman trial???

Davy Joe

A lawyer has to make an emergency landing in his plane and finds himself on an island owned by a rich citizen and his family. He is greeted with suspicion at first then welcomed and finally dismissed to his room so his host can make time for guests and a special appointment. His daughter approaches the lawyer with startling news... the appointment is for a hanging... Casey Kasem is one of the voices in this episode.


Average episode. I loved hearing Casey Kasem in this episode. I wish the commercials weren't edited out!


An okay episode that I suppose was a reflection of thought of the American legal system at the time. Even today there is always questions about the legal system (in the episode they even mention how someone who killed 6 people was let free due to incorrect arresting procedures). Some of the questions are valid, some not so much. It would've been nice if Casey Kasem (or Shaggy) had a larger part.


Got to the end credits and... Casey Kasem? Lol, had to listen to it again, after learning that! Kinda cool!

Dan Williams

This should be a fun episode with Casey.

Scooter D with green

DENISE ALEXANDER?!?! I spent last weekend watching the Ice Princess saga (General Hospital ). Major Nostalgia going on.

Joanna Oznowicz

Not in my top 10, but just hearing Casey was worth it. I did miss the commercials and news, wish they would not cut them out.


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