Bret Morrison (Actor)

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(05-05-1912 - 09-25-1978) Age 66

Bret Morrison was one of the actors to portray The Shadow on the radio.


He appeared in the following 6 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/19/1974 0042 Sea Fever A fearsome captain of the seas inflicts the ultimate punishment for people who even dare to look at his wife. But some people can't contain their passions for her.
10/07/1974 0157 Sister of Death A young woman who recently wed buys a portrait at a public sale. It is the portrait of her husband's former wife, who was murdered during a burglary.
10/14/1974 0160 A Scaffold for Two After his plane crashes in a secluded island, a lawyer learns that the locals employ their own judicial code. He is forced to take part in their farce of a system that ignores legal conventions.
09/10/1975 0341 The Ideas Of March A wife desperately attempts to get her husband to cancel his business trip when she foresees his death in a vision.
09/11/1975 0342 The Voice of Death His fate takes a turn for the better when a down on his luck ventriloquist comes across an unusual doll. However, a sinister plot is set into motion when he takes the dummy as it's creator plans to take his soul in exchange.
09/25/1975 0351 The Black Whale After learning how to read, a bondsman in Antebellum Texas dreams of being free. However, death is the fate of anyone who attempts to liberate him.

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It's wonderful to hear Bret's voice on CBSRMT. For most of us, he will always be the voice of Lamont Cranston, alias The Shadow. I particularly like his performance in A Scaffold for Two. It was around the time of his CBSRMT shows that Bret recorded two new episodes of the Shadow for an LP-collection: "The Computer Calculates, but the Shadow Knows," and "Air Freight Fracas." The early 1970s had a lot of nostalgia for OTR, and CBSRMT rode that wave long enough for this person, born in 1968, to catch the fever in first-run episodes, and to forever enjoy audio drama.

James King

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