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The Golden Blood of the Sun


After migrating to Florida, a timeshare salesman runs into a series of mishaps. Believing him to be cursed, his boss sends him to Mexico City where he subsequently discovers that he is the incarnation of an ancient Aztec prince.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 3, 1974
  • Repeat - November 22, 1974





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23 Responses to Episode 0156

I love this mystery stories about Aztecs!


I have fond memories of driving home with my parents late at night listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theatre on the car radio. The station we were listening to would fuzz in and out, but that just added to the experience. My brothers and I would be perched on the edge of the back seat, hanging over the front seat (this was before seatbelt laws), listening intently.


Having been laid up at home with back and neck problems, CBSRMT has helped me pass the time because I can download it right onto my Blackberry, and it brings back fond memories of listening to it with my dad when I was a kid!! I am soooo happy to have discovered it!!!!


As a teen in the 70's, used to listen to CBSRMT from our home near Toronto. Signal came in from CBS affiliate in Buffalo, NY and was very weak. Would have to position the radio and antenna just right and listen with a single earplug, straining to hear while pretending to be asleep as the show came on after 11 p.m.


I got an a.m. radio for Christmas when I was 6 and RMT is the only thing I can remember listening to. It came on right after Minnesota Twins games.


Roger, I think that I was 5 when my parents got me my first radio. Same history growing up--I lived in a little town outside of the Twin Cities. We probably listened to the same station. Small world. Were you ever a fan of the Minnesota Kicks? I liked the Twins and the Vikings, but was obsessed with Minnesota's soccer team in the mid-70s. Let me know please.

Davy Joe

Davy, I grew up in Bloomington a couple blocks south of 494 and Nicollet. Being about a mile west of the met (now the mall of america) I heard the fireworks after all the Kicks games. Actually graduated at the Met Center Kennedy class of '86 and was classmates with Kent Hrbek's sister! BTW - I had a Kicks tote bagin 6th grade! lol

Roger Huggett Jr.

You guys listened on the mighty WCCO- Eagan hometown here, could see the lights of Met stadium from there

John C

An immigrant shoe repairer refuses to pay protection to the mob, so they hit him. He vows revenge in the form of murder. Meanwhile, the head of the mob must reconcile his chosen profession with the love of his daughter.

J. Leiu

(or: "Blake Carrington goes back to the future") John (Carrington from the old "Dynasty" TV show) Forsythe plays Peter Barlow, a resort sales manager who's had an eight week run of poor sales. He claims the problem has been the's always raining in the supposed-to-be-sunny resort area in some valley he's been attempting to sell units in. His manager essentially relieves him of that duty but wants him to stay with the company. He sends Barlow to Mexico City to investigate some property near that city the company's interested in buying, owned by one Sr. Mendoza (played convincingly and nicely accented by the always-up-to-the-task Arnold Moss). On the way there we suddenly hear some indian chant and tom-tom, and two people talking, then we hear Barlow mumbling something. Sr. Mendoza is a charming host (as is his daughter, who takes a liking to Barlow) but seems to be fascinated by Barlow's interest (or rather, inexplicable knowledge of) of ancient Aztec and Mayan culture from the area. Mendoza is fascinated by an Aztec sun god "Hezcatlipoca(sic?)", who used to demand ritual sacrifices of the heart and blood of a selected unfortunate individual. This being would make the weather unpleasant until a sacrifice was made. In the meantime, Barlow's boss calls and says...guess what?...there's not a cloud in sight now at the resort Barlow'd been unsuccessfully toiling at - Only a brilliant sun in a deep blue sky...

Eden M.

Magnificent. IMO, absolutely magnificent work from Sam Dann, Howard DaSilva, Robert Dryden, Brynna Raeburn and company. DaSilva plays a God-fearing, hard-working, immigrant owner of a small shoe repair store who learns that his son is paying an exhorbitant (for those times) sum of $10.00 per week protection money to a collector who's working for a bigger mob boss, played by Dryden. DaSilva's character doesn't stand for it very long, beating up the collector on his next visit (the collector had tried to intimidate the store owner by force first) and depositing him at a local police station. The police sergeant (also played by the late Mr. Dryden) warns DaSilva he doesn't know what he's up against. The big boss visits DaSilva at his store in admiration of the owners strength and brains, and invites him to work for real money. (The store owner declines, saying if he got into the boss' business the profession wouldn't be big enough for both of them.) The boss warns DaSilva that for turning down the offer the latter is a "chump" and that he'll "never know what hit him". As the boss, Dryden also has an interesting side plot with his young, innocent (blissfully ignorant of her father's work) and optimistic daughter, who wants to open up a learning center for poor children. The newspapers have gotten hold of DaSilva's story and how he stood up to the organized crime. Then his wife brings a package to the store where DaSilva and his son (played by Jack Grimes) are working. DaSilva opens's a time bomb, which goes off in seconds with all three of them there. Again, IMO, this one's worth a listen tonight if you've not yet heard it.

Regina Sage

A vacation salesman is plagued with bad weather whever he goes. The company makes the connection and tries to verify their hypothesis by sending him to Mexico to check out a possible investment property, and to see if it stops raining when he leaves. In Mexico, the daughter of the land owner seems to know him from somewhere, or some other time. They both begin recalling episodes from a previous life…


A bit confusing at times, but gets points from me for telling such an unusual story. Also, I never get tired of hearing E.G. Marshall say the word "capsule."


Regina, your comment is good and I agree, that episode was good, but it is not 156, but rather, I think, 125. THis one, 156, I did not like, I thought it was confusingly structured and I found the musical instrument (oboe?) annoying. I would have loved a native American indian wood flute instead.

Don Malzahn

Regina, Your comment is well done, and I agree, I loved that one too. But it is supposed to be for episode #0125, "Only Blood (The)." By the way, I did not care for this one, 156, the Golden Blood of the sun. I found it confusingly structured and the annoying oboe or whatever it was was irritating. Wasn't there a similar one to this one before, earlier in the series?


John Forsythe was also Charlie on Charlie's Angels. But since people are commenting on their CBSRMT experience: WHAM-AM 1180 kHz, Monroe Co, NY. 10:07 P.M. seven days a week. I usually couldn't stay awake, but I had my own radio and was allowed to listen to it whenever I wanted. We had one TV in the house and I had to deal with people when I watched TV, but I could listen to the radio in the privacy of my bedroom. This wasn't one of my favorites, either. Some poor schlub through no fault of his own has to pay the consequences of a former life. Reincarnation, ancient deities.


A supernatural episode that I wasn't sure how it would end. An enjoyable listen without any comments this time (except my listening history). We have quite a few people from Minnesota here. I also remember listening to this on WCCO 830 AM in Minnesota mostly on drives between Burnsville and Minneapolis (I grew up in Mpls). I remember I saved my money and got a clock radio and listening to this when I could at night, sometimes with the single earbud, sometimes just through the speaker, but always enjoyable.


WBBM CHICAGO Radio is the station that provided the mystery theater to myself and my childhood friend during our sleepovers in the 4th -6th grades.

John C K

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. What’s great about Sam Dann’s mystery story, is that it gives fans of CBSRMT a dose of education about the Aztecs, such as “Tenochtitlan” which is the Aztec name for Mexico City and “Tezcatlipoca” which is the name of the Aztec Sun God. Even the title itself is catchy. Another way to title it would be “Visions Of A Barbaric Past.” The only drawback in this, was the ending. The story of a jinxed man going to Mexico City where he finds out that he’s connected to the Aztecs is very entertaining. But the finale of his position in life or the circumstances regarding his past is truly a mystery. Where did the main character end up? A mystery we’ll never know. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall’s topic is about History repeating itself. In ACT-1, ancestry and coincidences. In ACT-2, the main character goes deeper to know more about his past. In ACT-3, after the mysterious climax of our missing main character, E.G. Marshall made 1 error: he mistook Irina’s name by calling her “Trina.” In his Epilogue, he asks a very important question: what shall we be remembered for? We’ll always remember E.G. Marshall for his wonderful contribution to CBSRMT, that’s for sure! The dramatic music was a nice touch, but I think it needed supernatural tunes to go along with this particular tale. Sound effects of the buzzer, doors, airport, footsteps, music radio in the car, motor engine, tribal music, cups clinking, phone ringing, car breaks, howling wind, and the raindrops were splendid. Another splendid part, was the cast: John Forsythe (as Peter Barlow/Gold Eagle), Rita Gam (as Irina/Soft Cloud), Arnold Moss (as Mendoza/High Priest), and Berry Kroeger (as Mr. Valentine, the Doctor, and Gold Eagle’s Father). Both Arnold Moss and Berry Kroeger were good in their dramatic performances. But John Forsythe & Rita Gam were the outstanding pair. It’s a shame that this was the only episode they ever did for CBSRMT. These 2 should’ve done more for the series. Anyone who is interested in mystery stories about the Aztecs, should check this episode out along with #0055-A SACRIFICE IN BLOOD, #0253-THE ALTAR OF BLOOD, and #0687-THE SECRET OF THE AZTECS. Also, this episode aired commercials of the New York State Drug Abuse Control Commission, Wyatt’s Cafeteria, Budweiser, St. Charles Kitchen, Greg Morris on “The United Way,” Richardson Savings, Contact Cold Medicine, and Skaggs-Albertsons. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


Because he’s considered a jinx, Peter Barlow is ordered by his boss to fly to Mexico City to look at some property his company is interested in purchasing. That weekend, with Barlow gone, the clouds disappear, the sun shines brightly and potential customers arrive in droves at the resort. In a most mysterious way, Barlow begins to find out why while in the Mexican capital.


An interesting story worth a listen. Not in my top list. Loved the comments of all who listened when they were younger and where they lived. Really enjoy those stories and the commercials. I did not listen when i was younger in San Antonio TX but I've found CBSRMT now! Glad i did. I may be older 😉 but this is 2020!


BO-RING. I really dislike this type of episode.


Ooof! One of the cringiest episodes ever. Written by someone who has not clue about the culture of the setting, acted by people putting on accents close to as bad as a white person in blackface. Just really bad. And don't get me started on the scientific illiteracy! (You could argue that the character is the one who was clueless, but it's pretty clear it was the writer who failed high school science.) Man! That was bad.


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