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The Girl Who Found Things


A young girl with criminal tendencies is taken by a couple who discover her peculiar talent for retrieving lost things - including corpses



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 19, 1974
  • Repeat - March 8, 1974
  • Repeat - November 26, 1978





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28 Responses to Episode 0014

I wouldn't say she had "criminal tendencies," except that technically smoking is illegal at the age of 16! She enjoyed smoking, foul language, and older men, but her psychic abilities were very real. Not your typical heroine but I found her quite likable anyway. Crime drama, use of ESP.


This one's a winner. Small, tight story, well acted and well paced. The sexual tension between the heroine and the, presumably much older, male lead (an uncredited Tony Roberts?), is in an interesting element. Given that she's supposed to be 16, I'm not sure you could get away with that today. Good crime drama with some supernatural elements, both of which are well done.


Fully agree with you about the well-acted and tight storytelling on this fine episode. It's one of my favorites of the series. But "... an uncredited Tony Roberts?" I fear you might have missed the pretty clear crediting (in the show and on this site) of the great Norman Rose, who was nicknamed 'The Voice of God' in the industry because of his rich, deep, sonorous pipes :) I love Roberts's work as well, especially in this series, but this great episode's definitely the inimitable Norman Rose.

Mike C

Iris, a 16-year-old girl who lives in an orphanage, has a unique ability to find lost things - toys, keepsakes, dead bodies. The aunt of a woman who disappeared seeks out her help. The woman's half brother/business partner isn't so eager to have her be found, and with good reason. There's no suspense as to what happened to her; we hear it right at the beginning. But the head games that go on between the girl and the nephew are pretty amusing.


Really fun episode. Having heard many of the episodes before and after, this is one of the sauciest. Interesting female character.


A down to earth mystery that has lots of buried treasures. Strong characterizations.

J. Mackson

A couple take in a young, delinquent girl with a talent for finding lost objects -- and dead bodies.

Jesebel Gomez

"The Chinaman Button" making this an original broadcast recording Reply With Quote


A naughty schoolgirl with apparent psychic ability to find lost things exposes even naughtier adults and their indiscretions. While predictable at times, the characters are engaging and interesting. Strong character development in this episode put it on the Must-Listen-To list.

Lance Kong

like the fact that it has 2 types of Mysteries merged into 1 episode: the DRAMA & the FANTASY. However, what disturbed me was the voice of Ann Costello (as Iris). Her voice sounded more of an adolescent kid instead of an adolescent teenager. Plus, our Host E.G. Marshall didn't draw us more into the story; he basically introduced it and let the listening viewers figure out what's going on. Norman Rose (as David Wheeler) & Robert Dryden (as Lucas) are both terrific as always on CBSMRT. The ending isn't that bad; it was suitable for the mystery to be solved. Check this episode out, everyone!


I find this episode as average as well. The girls voice and tirade she went into when foreseeing what happened was more annoying than compelling.


In spite of her voice (and I think that was deliberate, as this girl isn't supposed to be totally likable) I thought the girl's character was interesting. She's a schoolgirl, feigning (or not) fragility at times, but she smokes, indicating she may not be that innocent. Given that people with such powers rely on demonic influence, once again I thought the RMT made yet another interesting audio commentary.


“Given that people with such powers rely on demonic influence?” Where did that come from? Lol. The story leads you to believe that the Norman Rose character will be undone by the special abilities of the teenage girl. However, it is his panicked accomplice that brings about his undoing. The girls abilities made me think of the main character in the film The Dead Zone. One of my favorite films.


This was a fine story as well. Although there was supposed to be a supernatural twist to it, it wasn't really that prevalent through the story. It was nice that it was a little more subtle.


This was one of the better stories from CBSRMT as far as plot development, but as usual, the story becomes rushed toward the end and an abupt denouement is provided.


I luv this site. It plays thru Alexa, at bedtime... I pull up the blankets and listen...

Kristi McPhillips Paplow

What a jerk that man is! I was disturbed by how he killed the kitten when he was a bratty kid and Iris "found" the kitten's remains behind the stove. (I can't even listen to that scene where Iris is experiencing the psychic vision of that event.) Also, his sexual interest in Iris is nauseating. Iris is quite a manipulative character as well and she will probably grow up to be a pretty scary woman, but I find her much more likable than the man.


He was terrible! I think hiring a guy to murder his sister was worse than anything else he did. The lost kitty was a toy. It was a wool stuffed animal he played with as a child.


Amy, he didn't kill a kitten; it was a stuffed cat that was being referred to. And Iris pretty much blackmailed him sexually.


They said he "stuffed" the kitten behind the stove when he was a bratty child, not that it was a stuffed kitten. It wasn't a stuffed kitten. The girl, Iris, relived what the kitten went through.


Actually, you're correct. I listened to that part again and I heard for myself that it was indeed a stuffed cat. Thank heavens. I am relieved, so thanks for clarifying that for me. I don't understand why she relived it from the cat's point of view, since it was a stuffed animal.


Listening to these in order, and this is my favorite so far!


One of the scariest episodes I've ever heard. I would definitely recommend listening if you're up for a scare!


This is an interesting episode with Iris. Smoke on!

Scooter D & the Greens

Love the storyline, very creepy. However, Iris' voice was a little difficult to listen to. Truly enjoyed the ending!


To whom this may concern, I would like to thank you for bringing this radio show back to me so I can share this with my wife and children! I am a bedridden disabled Veteran of The USNavy Aviation community and we don’t make much per month so that is why we are unable to contribute and for that we are sorry 😞. God Bless. Craig & Luzviminda Johnson Family

Craig & Luzviminda Johnson

The role of the teen was spot on. When I worked as a DJ at a Top 40 radio station, I would get numerous phone calls from young girls just like this. They could be both very demanding and very saucy, as they were testing their WOW power. Some of them probably should have turned down the voltage, but this young boy loved the attention. This episode is really, really good.


Well how about that!?! The recording I listened to included a newsflash interrupting the show regarding a Chinese attack on a South Vietnamese island (Vietnam War).


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