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Only a Woman


The self-proclaimed daughter of the goddess Dagon recounts the tragic fate of several men who looked down on her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 7, 1982
  • Repeat - July 13, 1982





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3 Responses to Episode 1312

I grow weary of writing this, but once again, Mystery Theater mis-cast Marian Seldes as a young woman. More directly, Semiramis--who was a youthful, voluptuous traffic stopper of a woman--sounded more like a grandma. That's not sexy! The story itself was fantastic, but with Seldes playing Semiramis, it just reeked of mediocrity. Semiramis had an incredible effect upon men that they literally switched their mindset to having her, owning her as the world's most valued object of sensual desire. She used this to her advantage by conquering--rather sadistically might I add--all men who attempted to own her. The male actors performed their parts perfectly--they actually sounded like bumbling fools in the grips of Semiramis. And then there was Seldis, whose voice is anything but sensual, pretending to be a powerful goddess of desire--it didn't fit at all. Criticisms in consideration though, still a good episode worthy of 4 stars.


Age is just a number, DAVY JOE !!! :-)

Gina Schackel

Just chilling out after all these years cheating death with this groovy female ancient era epic on radio!

Scooter D with the Greens

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