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The Point 44 Connection


An aging secretary is laid-off due to her age. Incensed by the discrimination, she challenges her boss to a duel and wins. An investigation takes place and the spirit of her long-deceased grandfather guides her in dealing with the local police.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 15, 1982
  • Repeat - April 20, 1982





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5 Responses to Episode 1290

Not a very eventful episode at all. The secretary kept on referring to her old grandfather who was "guiding" her to murder was implausable. Not one of my favorite.

Davy Joe

I liked this episode. It is not one of my all time favorites, but it kept my interest and was easy to listen to. Sam Dann is one of my favorite writers. Writing over 200 episodes, he contributed so much to CBSRMT. As did Hy Brown, EG Marshall, and so many others. I’m quite grateful.


A very good episode that touches on some subtilities that most listeners probably miss in the overall. One suggestion in the title description above: Put quotes around duel(i.e.''duel''). A duel is something that is mutually consented to by the participants.


One other thing, be like the woman in the story, don't lie. It is subject to arbitrary CENSORSHIP.


Great story and well played out. I bet I wasn't the only listener hoping she wouldn't get caught! Its always a pleasure to hear Fred Gwinn play any part!

Jim K.

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