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Too Early Too Late


A group of friends learn the secrets to end poverty and rehabilitate the world in an old cemetery they saw in a dream. They try to take action but are hindered by the wealthy industrialists who each have their own agendas.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 31, 1981
  • Repeat - March 4, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1272

Simple scifi story about a godlike being giving 3 people unlimited free energy but of course the people of 1987 aren't ready for it and the thing gets bogged down in red tape. Would have been ok but the constant wind noise of the 'being' just drove me up the wall. A high school drama class could have done a better production. One of the bottom of the heap RMT episodes.


The wind makes this episode exciting, especially while listening on a cold winter night. And it's true about any society that has it's bureaucracies. And it's entrenched industries that keep their market share at all cost.


I really enjoyed this episode. Arnold Moss was very funny as the voice of.... whoever he was. And you can't go wrong with Russell Horton and Marian Seldes! I thought the script was clever with some laughs.

Melanie C

It is one of those episodes that are interesting to decades years later.


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