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I Thought You Were Dead


After murdering her husband and partner, an authoress begins to get phone calls from her deceased spouse. She is tormented by his reminders about who possesses the real talent between them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 5, 1974
  • Repeat - October 4, 1974





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9 Responses to Episode 0127

Who couldn't forget the Lovely Arlene Francis, as the perpetual guest on "Whats my line" for all those years. And as before, what a place to start. Good show

Ramdy Mc

The writing partnership of a husband and wife team is abruptly terminated when the wife kills her husband. She is encouraged to complete the story her husband had outlined, prior to his death, but the outline is difficult to find.


An authoress begins to get phone calls from the husband and writing partner she killed out of professional jealousy. What does he want with her?

Jess Reyno

A writer couple collaborated on many best selling books over the years. When the episode begins, we learn that the husband has died and the wife receives phone calls from him apparently communicating from beyond the grave. She has a hard time believing it is happening and becomes distraught. Her agent says it is psychological and suggests that she finish a manuscript that her husband started as a form of therapy but no one is able to find the 11 yellow sheets upon which the outline was written.


Yeah, I thought it was the maid, too. Ghost story.


Not too bad of an episode. I was thinking it wasn't a supernatural tale this time, perhaps her new "boyfriend" had some sort of motive we weren't aware of, but I was wrong. Definitely a good one to listen to.


Murder mystery to the max. A ghostly little tale of shame on you for murdering your husband! and oh but wasn't the secretary a little devious and cruel. But in the end, it shows crime dies not pay! Thanks E G Marshall!


Interesting mystery with supernatural elements. A bit too much distressed woman acting, but a compelling plot line.

Kathy D

Rare Sam Dann story with a woman at the center. Of course, the two women are 1. a murderous jealous hack who thinks she's smarter than her husband and hates him for it, but turns out to be nothing without him and 2. a notjub spinster blackmailing old maid. Biggest complaint is this story should have been 30 minutes; draaaagggged badly.


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