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The Headstrong Corpse


After his death, Lord Berly of Moreland is kept in an open crypt by his physicians in deference to his fear of being buried alive. When his body mysteriously vanishes, murder and mayhem become the key facets in this Gothic thriller set in 1874.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 6, 1974
  • Repeat - October 6, 1974
  • Repeat - April 4, 1980





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10 Responses to Episode 0128

Lord Berly of Moreland is dead. In life, he feared being buried alive, so he is left in an open crypt until doctors are sure he is dead. While lying in state, somebody steals his body. Murder, mutilation, and corpse snatching take place in this 1874 gothic whodunit.

Ana Robinson

The patriarch of a family is terrified of being buried alive and in his will requires the family to visit his crypt regularly to examine his corpse to ensure this doesn’t happen. On one of the visits they discover the body has been switched… but not all the body, just the torso. The head is still the same. The daughter is betrothed to a gold-digging doctor of dubious reputation while another man who shares the young girl’s love seeks to release her from the engagement.

John Lemuel

There were enough clues to figure out exactly what was going on...sadly, I did not. It was "obvious" at the end. Horror, no supernatural elements.


which one of these wonderful actors played the part of Edward Somerset? I so love his voice!


Gordon Gould


An unusually gruesome episode. They all the body chopping was creepy, the storytelling was a bit old-fashioned. The recording seems to be slowed down a bit. E.G. Marshall sounds like he's on barbiturates.

Phillip M.

I attempted to listen to this episode three times. It was difficult to pay attention. With all of the heads appearing and reappearing, bodies missing and body snatching, you would think that it would have sparked the listeners' ear. Alas, it did not. 2 stars.


An interesting tale no doubt. I didn't think that the body snatcher would be so bold as to work on a body that was sure to be discovered, but he was fairly crazy at that time so I guess it wasn't too out of line perhaps. He must have been a quick worker though, as the maid hadn't been missing too long. Perhaps if I listened again I could figure out who it was earlier, but on this listen I did not.


Edward Somerset visits the home of Margaret Tresilion, the woman he loves, to comfort her on the death of her father, and finds the body has disappeared and the head severed. Realizing the deed is the work of a madman and partial bodysnatcher, Somerset narrows the suspects down to a neighbor who wants Margaret’s home and land, an unscrupulous physician and a servant.


A creepy gruesome tale full of twisting plots and subplots. Keeps you wondering who was really behind the body snatching and parts exchanges. Sounds effects especially in the crypt were good. Do miss all the news and commercials as they add to the flavor of old time radio.


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