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The Song of the Siren


After having gone missing for eight days, a man is found in the desert seemingly healthy and miraculously weighing 125 pounds less than when he went in. A local journalist investigates the mystery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 11, 1981
  • Repeat - February 16, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1267

CBSRMT meets the X-files, sort of, only with no grisly killing. A helicopter pilot flying over the "Valley of the dead" somewhere in the western desert spots a man believed to be a missing professor and sets the helicopter down. He cheerfully calls into his home base and says he recognizes the professor from photographs and should have no trouble loading him into the 'copter since the professor looks to only weigh about 125 lbs. Home base says that's impossible because the prof (who left only 9 days ago) weighed in at around 250 lbs. The professors is babbling things like "take...out...the wires" and "are you one of us or one of them". A reporter (with a sordid past) for a National Enquirer type newspaper learns of it and goes to the town to attempt to get information. The helicopter pilot only knows what he witnessed. The doctors won't release information on the professor...finally, he bribes an ICU nurse with champagne to become a confidant. She's kindly enough, and tells him pretty much what the chopper pilot told him. The reporter remembers the U.S. army was conducting experiments in that area and asks his boss to investigate. The boss learns that they were experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs there (no reason given why there and not at a research facility). The reporter goes to the professor's wife, who believes he's going to die. He talks with her and learns that the prof was out there because he was convinced from his research that there was a species of life that had survived the age of the dinosaurs out there, and that these creatures were "saurian", lizard-like humans. The reporter is convinced: he has to go out there as well. These two plotlines (the saurians and the hallucinogenic=experiment results) could probably have stood on their own...integrating them was a bit strong. Still, this episode has a mildly surprising "Markheim: Man or Monster?" type ending, and is interesting enough.

Randy David

"The Song of the Siren" In any case, this is a great episode! Fun. A touch of supernormal without being completely over the top. Writer Sam Dann's constantly shifting conspiracy theories within the story keep you guessing and lend a semblance of confused believability to what is really an unrealistic premise. Roy, the investigative reporter's interaction with nurse Polly is delightful. I suppose 1981 was a different era... when getting a pretty nurse drunk to pump her for patient information was an acceptable tactic (definitely HIPAA NON-compliant). Polly doesn't seem to mind though: "Would you look at that... my glass is empty!" To top it off though, Roy then seems to rebuff Polly when SHE gets frisky. Elsewhere, Roy's lonely overnight adventure in the desert makes the hair on my neck stand on end, and is reminiscent of Carlotta's frightening experience in "End of the Rainbow". The characters in Song are well-acted and likeable. From Roy's cranky boss to happy-go-lucky helicopter pilot Chadwick, Dann's character development through dialogue is fantastic. Again, beware audio quality. Overall I give the episode 4 stars out of 5. JUROR 4

Juror 4

Hyman Brown cameos as a hospital physician giving a press conference. Whenever Brown turns up in an episode I love it. He's a GREAT radio actor. (other appearances that come to mind are the ambulance driver in End of the Rainbow and one of the mutinous prisoners in Prisoner of the Machines) - Juror #4

Juror #4

This episode is about an archaeologist who finds out that dinosaurs have only gone into hiding and are waiting for man to die off so they can rise again.

Josh Whiner

Good sound quality, no annoying fake cat sounds or obnoxious screaming (I fall asleep to these episodes) and commercials are, thankfully, included. I always love to hear the old news and commercials when they haven't been edited out. A fun story, to boot. 


I can't recommend this one. Starts out as a great mystery story, but the payoff is just too ridiculous.


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