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The Left Hand of God


When a tale's character comes strangely alive and refuses to accept his fate, Sam Clemens is called in to assist a fellow writer whip his story into shape.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 21, 1981
  • Repeat - November 17, 1981





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3 Responses to Episode 1235

Strangely fun little tale with equal doses of comedy and philosophy. It gives one pause to think perhaps they are just a character in some cosmic plot being manipulated by an unseen writer. The interaction between Norman Rose and Robert Dryden is very well done. Both actors are at the top of their game. Lot of great lines in this one-- e.g. Tom:"Why can't I get (a repreive) right now?" Dudley:"Because I owe my editor another 500 words!" and this exchange-- Tom (On what a "wonderful" time he will have in Heaven: "Doing what? Playing a harp?" Clemens: "Well, would you rather go to the other place ?" The whole rewriting of the story was entertaining. I thought the sound of the type writer in the background was perfect as the characters would act out the new scenes. Great Choice! Until next time.......................


I loved the character sketch of Clemens - the whole show felt like a previously unknown chapter of Twain's "Roughing It". It was very funny - a real-live spectral presence shows up, and all the two writers care about is whether they meet the deadline or not. Clemens's ongoing critique of Dudley's writing style is funny, as well. Killing Tom, in principle, is fine, but to kill him with a poor turn of phrase is just unforgivable. I enjoyed it very much - thanks.

Harvey Mario

Very, quirky funny tale, in true Mark Twain fashion about an encounter with a fellow writer crafting a tale to satisfy the story character that refuses to be written to death. it is a good listen, although he title could have been better. "The Writers Blocked" or "The Hanged Man's Hang Up" would have been more apropos.


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