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The Eye of the Idol


After losing his wealth as well as his lover after suffering terribly bad luck, a compulsive gambler receives a secret charm from his guardian angel. With the Eye of the Idol, the man is graced with an impressive winning streak but is disturbed by the hollowness of his victories.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 20, 1981
  • Repeat - October 20, 1981





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2 Responses to Episode 1223

Ok, I am pretty sure that author Sam Dann wrote a Trilogy here! It starts with the episode "The Jataka"- when that motley pair, the Ne'er-do-well charming schemer and his mischevious Indian servant lackey get themselves into some hot water! These are characters too compelling to give up, so Sam Dann evidently conjures up another chapter for them, the episode "The Eye of the Idol", where the names may have changed, but it's definitely them! In this episode he adds a Witch to the recipe. Then, in the "Ranee of Rajputana", Sam Dann drops the Indian servant (aw, he's so funny!) but keeps the ne'er-do-well Charmer, and he turns the Witch into....well, you'll see, Listen to the Trilogy!! Tell me what you think! Isn't this a Trilogy?


Great great story, a wonderful morality tale of priorities and what the true blessings of life really are.

Ty Swanson

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