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Toy Death


Like her late mother, a young woman harbors an unusual fascination with dolls. When a voodoo doll arrives from India, her boyfriend and father becomes disturbed- especially when terrible things happen after the doll's arrival.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 22, 1981
  • Repeat - October 21, 1981





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13 Responses to Episode 1224

Good adaption of the story. "The Doll" is also one of my favorite episodes of Sterling's "Night Gallery.


Night Gallery was an awesome series! I had nearly forgotten until you mentioned it! Do you know of any sites that has it?

Jim K.

The doll in that Night Gallery episode is the scariest doll I've seen anywhere!


There've been a few RMT stories before dealing with voudoun dolls and whatnot. They weren't bad stories, but this one may be my favorite, and it takes place in the old world, India, rather than the new. A half-indian, half-british woman named Isabella is having nightmares. She lives with her well-to-do father, and has since the mysterious death of her mother. Sometimes, the woman also has the feeling that sometimes her mother is in her room at night with her. To feel better, Isabella plays with her "dollies", her doll collection. The RMT music is very good in this one, as are the sound effects, such as the gentle noise of a rocking chair Isabella is sure is being rocked by her mother's spirit. However, the most interesting sound effects are made by a "fetish(?)", a strange little ugly doll that moves like a beetle or insect, and makes strange melodic noises as it "talks". This was left early in the morning by a strange man who appeared outside Isabella's door then was chased off by a servant. Whoops, I just gave away a bit of the main part of the story so I'll leave it here, but I recommend it for a listen, even as it's slow developing.

Patrick Spiers

The whole time I was listening to this story, i kept being reminded of a movie I'd seen but can't remember it. Was this adapted into a movie?


Ahhhh, "Toy Death" is an excellent episode- the acting, the moodiness, the scary dolls, the sound effects, the settings, and of course the handsome perfect voice of Kristoffer Tabori. Other great moody ones like this is "Devil God" and "Cezar Curse". Relax, close your eyes, and enjoy!


Ahhh, this episode "Toy Death" has all the great Mystery Theater elements: Spooky, moody, eerie setting, great sound effects, evil dolls, damsel in distress, and the beautifully handsome voice of actor Kristoffer Tabori!!


His voice has changed enormously over the decades, Melanie. It is much deeper and darker now. He still voice work, and directs, produces, etc. I don't think he's been in front of a camera in a very long time. He has always been s joy to listen to and watch - a talented man.


Yes, Zeezeel, thank you for your response about the wonderful actor Kristofer Tabori! I love this Website, but a big problem is there is no way to know when someone is responding to your comments, I wish there was a section for us to ask and answer comments to each other. For example I have asked so many times what others favorite episodes are and no one has responded, and I have posted my Favorites by " Return to Shadow Lake" episode and no one has responded! I hope Zeezeel Sees this! By the way " Toy Death" is one of the best episodes, too.


“Shadows From the Grave”, “The Hand”, “Carmilla”


Mercedes McCambridge would have been perfect in this. She does the age regression thing impeccably.

Steve Bergman

Melanie, my favorite episodes are "Nightmare's Nest", "Carmilla", "Hickory Dickory Doom" and "The Hand".


Also stars Marian Seldes and Courte Benson. Excellent episode!

Jim K.

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