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The Dream Woman


Convinced that a woman he met at the local bar is his soul mate, a man abandons his faithful and loyal wife in order to pursue her. He is soon plagued by visions of his death at his new lover's hands.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 18, 1974
  • Repeat - September 22, 1974
  • Repeat - March 28, 1980





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11 Responses to Episode 0120

A man inexplicably leaves his loving wife to pursue a trampish barfly who he is sure is his dream woman. He dreams that he will love her and she will kill him. A lot of story masterfully crammed into 44 minutes. Highly recommended

Maria Victoria T.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater promised more adult situations than were found in the Golden Age of Radio. This episode featured prostitution (although the words "prostitute," "whore," or anything equally explicit were left unsaid) and marital infidelity from an (almost) sympathetic character. Thriller, prophetic dreams.


A man has a dream of a beautiful woman with whom he immediately falls in love, until the dream woman pulls out a knife and makes for him with fairly obvious intentions. Upon waking, his wife is concerned with the dream, and the man seeks professional advice from a psychiatrist. Upon leaving from his first session he encounters a woman in the lobby waiting her own appointment who matches exactly the woman in his dreams.  


George Lowthar presses the envelope again. "The Dream Woman" is a fantastic listen. Full of romance, infidelity, deception, and murder. A true recipe for a fantastic story. 4 stars.


It's best to listen to this CBSRMT episode twice because the quality of this recording isn't too good. This story reminds me of a TWILIGHT ZONE episode called "Perchance To Dream" where a man who has been awake for a long time tells his psychiatrist that he will die if he goes to sleep, because a Vixen is trying to kill him. In this Wilkie Collins tale, written by George Lowthar, Norman Meredith (played by Kevin McCarthy) doesn't know which is the personification of Death. Is it the blonde-haired hazel-eyed actress Sandra Lawrence (played by Teri Keane) that he fell in love with? Or is it the long-bladed razor-sharp carving knife? Perhaps the knife is Death's scythe. The sound effects of the knife stabbings weren't chilling enough and this tale needed more music, both in reality and in the dream sequences. Music as chilling as Episode #1245-THE JUDGE'S HOUSE. What I enjoyed the most in this episode was E.G. Marshall's beneficial narration in all 3 Acts, like he's Rod Serling, discussing about dreams & their origins. If you like Wilkie Collins' stories, you're going to like this twisted ending.


Does this episode remind anyone of Bates Motel?


Interesting obsession of a man who dreams of a woman who will kill him, and pursues her even though he's happily married. I think the description above isn't quite correct when it states he dreams of her killing him AFTER he abandons his wife.


Norman Meredith, a well-to-do stockbroker, is irresistibly drawn to Sandra Lawrence, a blonde, hazel-eyed struggling young actress he first met in a dream during which she tried to kill him with a long-bladed, razor-sharp carving knife. He even leaves his wife to take Sandra to Rome, where one night she comes back from the flea market, the proud possessor of a long-bladed, razor-sharp carving knife. Norman is convinced that death will soon be upon him.


Enjoyed the commercials they left in. An interesting tale of dreams or is it destiny perhaps? He kept trying to alter his fate but instead was drawn to it. Very entertaining with twists and turns, would recommend for a listen. The recording is not very clear, so turn up the sound.


This episode is a riot! I'll never know how I managed to sleep thru part of it! Highly recommended! Truly on the cutting edge of radio theater!

Melanie C

Of course when we heard that his wife had heard a maid I think we all knew what was going to happen. Chilling! I'm surprised though that more people don't mention that Kevin McCarthy was famous for appearing in invasion of the body snatchers as the protagonist. That's what I most remembered him from.

David H

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