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Somewhere Else


A woman's dreams run parallel to her fantasies and she tells her psychologist of her visions of herself as a Viking maiden promised to wed a potbellied farmer- and the Nordic warrior in pursuit to rescue her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 3, 1981
  • Repeat - June 9, 1981





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7 Responses to Episode 1180

This one is very good, yet predictable. Lloyd Batista did a great job playing 2 different characters. !!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!! I would have left the fiancé too with his whiny, annoying voice.


This one was very of the absolute best, overall. Highly recommended. 5-stars.


This one was AWESOME!!!


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ stars for GOOD. FIRST up, the cast: Marian Seldes (as Edith Nelson), Lloyd Battista (as Dr. Miller), and Earl Hammond (as Harold, Thorsen, and the Detective). Marian Seldes was perfect to play the leading lady. Lloyd Battista’s acting was nicely done. Big props to Earl Hammond who played the ordinary Harold and the pirate Viking Thorsen. SECOND: our terrific Host when spoke about Vikings who colonized America first. In ACT-1, E.G. Marshall speaks about the topic of dreams. In ACT-2, it’s mainly about dreams & decisions. In the end of ACT-3, after realizing what our leading lady did on her big decision, our Host asks who would believe this type of thing? In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall reminds us fans that there are infinite answers to what dreams are; they’re reminders of the past, forecasts of the future, or maybe auguries of our fate. THIRD: the sound effects of the tape recorder, rotary phone, doorbells, Viking horn, farm animals, horse galloping and neighing, car engine, howling wind, and Vikings pillaging were very supportive. The music too, especially the music they used from the TWILIGHT ZONE series. Now here comes the reason why I rate this 4 out of 5 stars: the Script. It was an entertaining story written by Sam Dann, suitable for any anthology series. What it needed more of, was the character development on Edith Nelson on how she really felt about the 2 men in her life; 1 in reality and 1 in her fantasy. If you listen to Ep. #0698-RETURN TO POMPEII, the main character walks around a historic area and is transported to that past. It would make more sense if Edith Nelson traveled to certain parts of America where the Vikings colonized it, so she could get more clues and figure out if the Viking Period is where she truly belonged. In the final scene of Ep. #0111-YESTERDAY’S MURDER, Dotty Molloy (played by Mercedes McCambridge) ends up in the Viking period. It would be interesting if that story intertwined with this one. But then, this would be a 2-part episode. Or, there could’ve been a surprising twist at the end: the Viking that Edith Nelson dreamt about was actually the Angel of Death and would take her away in her sleep. Another way to title this story would be “Afraid To Love” because that’s exactly what our leading lady is struggling with. If you’re a big fan of Marian Seldes, check out this episode. Plus, it has commercials for CBS-TV of “Flo,” Metamucil, Radio Advertising Bureau, Pat Summerall for True Value Hardware Stores, Best Western, Pat Collins for the Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities at 99 Park Avenue in New York 10106, Theon Wright’s book of “In Search of the Lindbergh Baby,” Carl Moulton for American Express Traveler’s Checks, American Heart Association, Susan Anton for Serta’s Perfect Sleeper Mattresses, and Mary Tyler Moore for American Diabetes Association. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I liked the imagery. I think she was picking cranberries and eating a sandwich, while enjoying a novel. I LOVED her nerdy boyfriend. He was such a nerd that he was almost relaxing. He checked movie reviews, he knew about high down payments, he was always there for her, but she wanted more. Who could blame her. The shrink played back the tape for her, it blew everybody away. This was a relaxing fantasy.


Oh, I loved lloyd Batista as both characters. He played that nerdy boyfriend so well. He was almsot comforting with his down payment on the house, the movie reviews, etc. He was going to take good care of her. she was a boring engineer. They were a good match.


One of the very best of all RMT episodes!

Melanie S

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