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The First Day of Eternity


In the pursuit of the source of eternal life, a cunning and perceptive industrialist attempts to buy it but takes home a valuable lesson instead.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 23, 1981
  • Repeat - May 21, 1981





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A wealthy industrialist leaving an ammonia heiress is the theme of tonight's show. He's on the hunt for an eternal life elixir and finds a potion for mishap in the lieu. Does he lie, cheat, steal and deceive to get what he's after? Tune in and see what transpires in travels as this tale unravels! Bye now!


A wealthy industrialist intends to be the first to find the secret to eternal life, and he doesn't particularly care who he steps on or destroys to acheive his goal. He finds the secret to immortality, but it's not at all what he was expecting. Genre: Drama

Annalyn Labanon

Bob Stuart, a ruthless capitalist, turns away the request of a childhood friend, now Cardinal Dennison, for a donation to the church. Stuart vows he’ll find a way to live forever instead. All his meticulous research leads only to charlatans and fanatics. Then Stuart suffers a near–fatal-heart attack, and discovers a totally unexpected way to eternal life.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. This story, written by Sam Dann, showed promise. In which, I mean it does fall into the category of Mystery, but not in the way that many fans would expect. At first, I thought it was a tale of the Supernatural where the main character discovers he’s been talking to the Personification of Death. But it turns out, that this is a tale of Drama where he learns a lesson to gain eternal life. The episode’s title works, but another way to title it would be “Eternity, Incorporated” or “Project: Immortality.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall begins with Life Eternal that’s mentioned in religious books and one must take necessary steps to it by dying. In ACT-1, point out that Life is a game and there are rules that are meant to be broken. For our main character, can a purchase of immortality be arranged? In ACT-2, the question as to why yearn for immortality is difficult for the main character to answer. In ACT-3, Life & Death are 2 vital aspects of our existence. For our main character, he’s been consumed by the problem. After the finale, our Host ends the story with a Shakespeare quote (from JULIUS CAESAR). In his Epilogue, a scientific note about Matter. More than that, a pensive question to ask: Does anyone really die or really live? Narrations such as these are informative and wonderful that feed the human mind. Sound effects of phone buzzer, doors, writing with the pen, background noise at the Civic Dinner, and piano music at the Golf Club Bar were good, but no sounds were brought in for the 3rd Act. The dramatic music tunes they used were fitting. But I will say that the cast in this was splendid. Norman Rose (as Bob Stuart), Robert Dryden (as Cardinal Jeremiah “Jerry” Francis Dennison and Carl Dawson), Earl Hammond (as Mr. Sturdivant and Rupert Reston), and Tracy Ellis (as Ms. Madeline Mott and Suzy Palmer). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays Dr. Patton. Both Earl Hammond and Robert Dryden were great in their parts. Tracy Ellis was outstanding with her soothing voice. And Norman Rose was terrific as the evil leading man. Great cast with a suitable mystery to enjoy. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


The great cast alone is worth a listen. I can always pick out when Hy Brown does a cameo! Very distinctive voice.


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