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Too Many Women Can Kill You


An ambitious maid blackmails her employer after witnessing him murder his wife. The man is plagued by the women in his life when even the spirit of his deceased spouse begins to torment him at night.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 8, 1974
  • Repeat - September 15, 1974





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10 Responses to Episode 0115

I feel sorry for this guy.


This one is played straight, but it has more ridiculous turns than a wacky sit-com episode.


"I saw you murder your wife so that you wouldn't be tied down by marriage. Rather than blackmail you for money, instead I shall compel you to marry me. Let's see you get out of that one!" I don't endorse murder, but it's not like he was doing harm to the gene pool. Crime thriller. Some ghosts.


In this play, we're introduced to a man who is very attractive to women. He puts himself in a position to be blackmailed by several of the women who want to be close to him.


A man who kills his wife is haunted by his blackmailing maid by day and the ghost of his wife at night.

Martin Gibson

A scheming man orchestrates his wealthy wife’s death through a long slow accumulation of poison in her blood stream. Upon her death, he contacts his other love interests and contrives a premise upon which they can get together while still maintaining an appropriate period of grieving. Seems a perfect plan until the housemaid approaches him with a proposition thinly veiled as blackmail. She knows about what he did and forces him to enter into a relationship with her so she can have a share in the estate.


This episode begins with the murder of an innocent woman by a charming, attractive, rich man--Saul. The story spins and twists with Saul's eventual death at the hands of the very woman whom he first exploited and then killed. It was an alright listen, nothing extraordinary. 3 stars.


I found this episode to be interesting in that Saul saying he could've put up with his wife except for her fascination with the occult. To me the occult is never a good thing, but once he starts hearing her voice he never once thinks of it as a bad thing and listens to her for advice. Of course, this is a man who killed two women so perhaps he didn't always have a good common sense. No one got what they wanted, so it was a good episode?


Silas Cunningham manages to hasten the death of his rich wife — a seemingly perfect murder — so he can live in splendor on her estate with a woman who would like to share the wealth with him. But his wife’s housekeeper as well as her sister, both of whom would like to marry him, know about a slight oversight in the commission of the crime. He keeps hearing about it in nightmares from his wife who promised on her death bed that they would never be parted.


The storyline may not be heart pounding but Silas gets his in the end and justly so. He murdered his rich wife, whom he was two timing and a woman blackmailer. His wife's ghost, or guilty conscious (no he is to egotistical) gets him in the end. If you need to vent this is one to listen to women! Pleasant dreams. Haha


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