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Charged with the theft of $2 Million, a stockbroker recounts how he himself was a victim of a scam that resulted in the loss of his employer's money.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 29, 1980
  • Repeat - January 19, 1981





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4 Responses to Episode 1131

Excellent episode. At the end you still don't know if the stock broker stole the $2 million or was the victim of a scam.


Lithgow is brilliant in “Bloodline. Too bad little else is. Sam Dann’s story follows an unfortunate yet common template for many below-average CBS Radio Mystery Theatre episodes: non-productive and repetitive dialogue in an effort to stretch a 20-minute episode into an hour. What is unfortunate is that there actually IS a twist in this mystery that might be deduced by the adept listener; however that possibility is muddled by the fact that the same actor is used for multiple roles in many episodes. Overall the actors put in good performances in a below-par story that ventures into non-believability. One shining moment in the scattered story lines of a failing stock broker, a dying mother’s confession, an overly demanding boss, a confidence scheme, and a legend tracing its roots to a small European country is Dann’s nifty treatment of a short court scene. I give the episode only 2 stars out of 5. “Bloodline” is worth a one-time listen if you have an hour to spare. Otherwise move on to stories with a better pedigree.

Juror 4

I like when Mystery Theater walks the fine line between the Psychological and the Supernatural. In "Bloodline" the actor John Lythgoe portrays so well a distraught man's mental decline after his confidence is shattered. Or maybe it's really happening. Another one of this type, with a better plot is the most Excellent "Island of the Lost", "Return to Shadow Lake" and "the Other Soul", "Saxon Curse" "Specter Bridegroom", "the Graveyard" and my Favorite "The Ranee of Rajputana"!


This is an excellent episode. I do agree there was repetitive dialogue with the part when they kept saying taximar in this episode. This episode kept you guessing to the very end about who stole the 2 million. This episode its up to you who you think stole the 2 million. If I would have to guess, I am betting the stock broker got taken for the 2 million. (HINT),Pay attention to the nurse telling the stock broker what room the stock brokers dying mothers room is in. Pay attention to her voice. I gave this episode 5 stars.

Don Heiland, Jr.

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